Sunday, July 15, 2007

Too many Mondays

Monday again. There are just too many Mondays in life generally. Sundays are great. Sundays are fundays. But they have one major flaw. On a Sunday, there is always the threat of a Monday hanging over you. There are things you need to do on a Sunday night, because tomorrow is Monday – like ironing. Spent all too much of last night ironing, when I could have been knitting.

It was beautiful yesterday. This is the view from my study window.

It was a cold and very frosty start to the day – I had to get up relatively early and walk down the road, in the cold to get eggs. While I knitted with the ladies on Saturday, the Accountant took the children shopping at the local independent supermarket. He was also meant to stop in at the neighbour’s fruit and veg shop (by neighbour, I mean our nearest neighbour, couple of hundred yards up the road) to get some free range eggs. These are large and very brown and have golden yellow yolks and are yummy – but he forgot.

Without eggs there are no waffles for breakfast. Two and a half years ago the children bought me a penguin waffle iron for Christmas – yes, yes, I know, they didn’t really buy it for me with their hard earned cash – even I don’t send my children down the mines at 6 months and 2 and a half! – I wanted it and bought it and wrapped it and put it under the tree, because although the Accountant is an admirable man in almost every respect, he tends to fall rather short in the present giving department. This method avoids problems all round and I get a present I really like. Last Christmas they gave the first series of ‘Lost’ on DVD – lovely munchkins they are. But I digress.

I returned with the eggs and Daughter and I made waffles in the shape of penguins. Even Son who is possibly the worlds pickiest eater and seems only to eat apples, fish and carbohydrates (bread, potatoes, rice, chips, mashed potatoes, etc) loves penguin waffles.

In the afternoon we visited our local National Park. Gorgeous day, sunny, mild and by mid afternoon the park was crawling with wombats. In summer (when we tend to visit more often) almost no animals are visible during the day, but yesterday I counted at least eleven wombats, and too many Bennett’s Wallabies and pademelons (roufous wallaby) to even think of counting! (have a look at this site to check on some native animals – yes I am a member and it’s a gratuitous plug!). We even saw a couple of Forester Kangaroos – Tasmania’s only kangaroos, We all walked to the wonderful over water bird hide, even if Son managed to fall full length in the only mud puddle around.

It makes me realise that we don’t utilise and support our national parks enough. We have a 2 year parks pass and would be lucky to get even to our nearest park (25 minutes away) 5 times a year! Cradle Mountain (iconic Tasmanian place that it is) is an hour away and is lucky to get a visit once a year – if that!

My mid year resolution – to spend more time loving, supporting and utilising national parks! It worth it to see my daughter squatting on the ground 3 feet from a wombat and singing to it! – Of course, I’m sure I can find projects to knit as I walk!


Kate_knits_a_bit said...

Hi TinkingBell!! ('TB' would be too familiar, not to mention rude - how would you feel about 'Tink'??)Thank you for visiting my blog! I am very pleased to make your acquaintance - now that I've read your comment that in Tassie there are only 3 degrees of separation due to Small Island Syndrome, I will have to check my StatCounter and find out how you found me!
I am feeling the synergy - small kids (school, daycare and sleeping at the mo), window gazing and Charles de Lint - not to mention JS in the stash!!
Okay, I'm sure that's plenty of my stream-of-consciousness for now - but I will come back to check on the not-red knitting (and then the red, too)

Kate_knits_a_bit said...

hey Tink! I'm south - on the eastern shore of our fair capital, though only new to the region, we are enjoying it very very much! You, I see, are in the N, of which I have little experience so far; although hubby has been to Cradle Mountain, I've only seen it from the main street of that town with murals on lots of shops/buildings.
And speaking of tinking, I may be doing some in front of the teev this eve, as I'm a bit dubious about the striping on the side of my cardi where I chose to put buttonholes.... We shall see.

Rose Red said...

It's when I read posts like this that I really wish I lived in Tasmania! We visited on our honeymoon - one of the highlights was seeing a wombat and several pademelons at Cradle Mountain - you are very lucky - especially with the wombats, which I've always understood to be very shy of people!

Georgie said...

What a lovely Sunday - lucky you, sunshine 'n all. Feels like we havent seen sunshine in months over here....*sigh*

I agree, we should all spend more time in our NPs (actually, no, at least not all at the same time perhaps!) We lived in the Blue Mountains for the last few years and hardly ever visited - probably becuase they were always crawling with busloads of tourists and city yobs! (makes me sound snobby, but true!)