Wednesday, July 4, 2007

News from Quarantine Central

The latest from the plague house:

Everything seems to have settled down here (cross fingers, cross eyes - uncross eyes because it makes me squint and completely unable to read typing). I will say no more in case I aggravate any major powers and they decide to strike me down for hubris again.

I will post this later today, as I won't be blogging tomorrow. If all is well, and the tradesman comes at the time agreed (stop laughing down the back) we are heading off to our local big city for an important errand.

Several weeks ago I did a dumb thing - yes yes - I do dumb things all the time, but this was spectacularly dumb, even by my standards. Having been up for the greater part of the night with a crying 2 year old (no, not vomiting. Not every blog I write involves vomit, you know. Dammit, just wrote about vomit again). I crawled downstairs in search of that elixir of the gods, coffee. About a year ago, I blew my borthday and Christmas present on obtaining a wonderful machine which produces lattes for me on a daily basis. I put water in one container, coffee beans in the other, out comes perfect espresso. Then I do it again (on a bad morning) for a doppio, and then froth milk and voila! a latte. On this particular morning I took the lids off both the water bit and the coffee bit and - that's right - full marks for the fibre fairy in the front - I put the jug of water I was holding into the coffee bit, Having predominantly cleaned up that mess, amid muttered expletives and mild panic, I refilled my jug and .......

Did it again.

That's right. I not only did this stupid thing ONCE - but I immediately REPEATED THE ACTION. That's dumb.

I blame sleep deprivation. But, this means that the perfect machine can no longer make me coffee. It has to visit the nice man who can fix it. He lives in our Northern Capital. We are going there to beg him to FIX THE MACHINE. Please. Pleeeeeeease.

Waverly woollen mill is on the way - I may need a small yarn fix - even if they only produce 8 ply.

Just to calm us all down, here is a picture of a completed garment.

It is the Chocolate Covered Cherry Bomb from Big Girl Knits, knitted from stash - a champagne coloured alpaca I bought at a Queensland school fete in 1993 which is gorgeous, brushed and has been waiting for the right project ($20 for 10 balls - wish I'd bought everything on the stall - regrets, I've had a few..) Has 238m/50gr, and knits like an 8 ply (DK), and some orange mohair I had lurking (- no names, no pack drill - can't remember its genesis). This Jacket is the reason I became TinkingBell - I'd knit one night, frog and tink everything I'd knitted the next night, re-knit it the third and re-frog and tink the fourth. Do NOT look to closely at the left hand side. There are still mistakes, but I was tinking and frogging mohair and brushed alpaca! I reached a point where I had to decide what I could live with - So I just make sure I keep that side moving whenever I wear it, and hope it's never still enough for real knitters to notice.

This blog is long enough. Let's talk again in a couple of day - keep well, and thanks for your welcome. I really appreciate the comments - I live in fear of no-one bothering to drop by!


happyspider said...

i dont drink coffee but i have had to exist once or twice without tea and i commiserate. eech. and its not that stupid, sleep deprivation will do strange things. i once put on two bras and wore them all day without noticing (bad insomniac during high school).
and frogging mohair is a bi-atch. well done you for perservering, looks lovely.

Catherine said...

Good luck with your coffee machine fix. That's hugely important! Love the knits, tinking and all. :)

Rose Red said...

Thanks for visiting - welcome to the blog-osphere - I'm sure you won't regret it!! Urk, hate frogging. Not too fond of vomit either! But you are too funny!

Georgie said...

fingers crossed for your coffee can't be pretty! Hope you've all gotten some vomit-free sleeping done lately.

Taphophile said...

Oh, oh, Cherry bomb is lovely. It pretty much the only thing in BGK that I want to knit. How exciting that someone I know actually made it.

What's the pattern like?