Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Yoohoo!  Anyone out there?

I know, I know.  Expecting people to hang about for 2 years waiting for deathless prose is really a bit of an ask, but I am going to try to Blog more regularly.  Truth is, I have actually missed blogging, and if I can try to do a weekly post, I think it would be good discipline!

So in the missing 2 years or so, I have got older - and hit a birthday which has a '0' on the end.  The children are older - Princess is more like a drama queen, with Diva-ish sensibilities, but Destructoboy has just got larger, better at school and the zone of destruction has become wider.  The Accountant has moved offices, had another close call, but is well now.

I have discovered that working full time really eats into your life, that I thoroughly enjoy teaching at high school - mostly, and that you can actually squish more into the day if you sit on it and shove things into the corners.  The house is not any tidier, the garden is still neglected and I am currently spending the non-working hours (or rather, the non paid working hours) as a pretty much full time chauffeur and organiser.

Knitting has certainly happened - particularly around choir rehearsals (Princess), rehearsals for local production of The Sound of Music (Princess again - she is playing Marta, and of course, I am bursting with pride), hockey (both children) and soccer (Destructoboy).  In addition, I attempt to creat haute cuisine, launder piles of clothes and occasionally venture into vacuuming and bathroom cleaning.

In Tasmania, we are heading into Autumn.  After a very long hot summer, everyone is still picking tomatoes and chillis, but the nights are colder and I am starting to wear light 4 ply jumpers - but all day.  My sandals are being packed away, and, although I haven't yet worn my boots, I am looking at them!

Over the Christmas holidays, we attempted a white Christmas, which unfortunately, simply become a wet Christmas in England.  It was lots of fun, and we caught up with old friends.  The bit which was not fun was breaking my wrist whilst ice-skating at an outdoor rink on Boxing Day.  Twenty years ago, I was very ordinary at ice-skating, and my attempt to re-discover my former mediocrity meant I had the chance to examine Britain's NHS from the inside.  I'm better now, but it is an experience I'd prefer not to repeat!

So, now we have caught up, what have you been doing?  Triumphs and tragedies, fun and tears.  Tell me what's been going on.  I'm all ears!