Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Eternal Vigilance

Typical Tassie! A gale and freezing yesterday – today the sun is out, it’s warmish and still – a gorgeous winter day – You really can’t tell!

I’m very down on myself today. Despite being very vigilant about emails and spam, I actually clicked on an email, purporting to be from a potential buyer on ebay. When I actually tried to see why they were asking a question, turns out they were phishing and got all my ebay account details. I’m very careful about the emails supposedly from banks etc – so I’m very cross with myself for being taken in by this one. When I checked my email today, there was one from ebay, saying they had made my account inactive and changed passwords etc – and 3 MORE emails with questions about stuff I’ve never heard of! Luckily, ebay has better security than me, had realised what was happening and de-activated my account – all fixed now – and I’ve always had different passwords for everything (so no duplication and access to other accounts) – but still scary!

Take my experience as a warning and a word to the wise – If you’re an ebayer, check any messages through your ebay account and be very very careful – has a keystroke virus attached apparently – so make sure your virus checkers are up-to-date!

On a lighter – and much nicer- note, I am up the armholes on the Swing Jumper. Looking very nice and draping beautifully – just did the first decrease – so it’s taken 3 nights or around 6 hours while watching Star Wars 1 and 2 and some other things (My name is Earl) to get to here. On progress so far (always a dangerous method of estimation) I should finish it tonight and maybe cast on for the front!

Of course, having made that claim, I will make an enormous mistake, necessitating frogging and re-knitting or something. I sort of hoped for it to be around a 2 week sweater knit (something less than 30 hours) so we’ll see.

I need to organise my husband as a skein holder at the weekend, so I can wind some sock yarn into a centre pull ball with my new ball winder!!


Georgie said...

Ooohh, that makes me so cross! Hopefully not much harm done. Thanks for the timely warning.

Bells said...

I'm a sucker for clicking on those emails. I must be more careful!