Monday, July 2, 2007

The joys of parenting

Well, I'd rather hoped to compose my first post on the rareified joys of knitting, its history and the worldwide conspiracy..sorry..cabal..sorry again, community of knitters. A post about how I feel bonds between knitters and spinners which are without regard to coloour, religion, ethnicity or language as we revel together in the joy of creating through yarn........

But, you know what? I'm just too tired. The night before writing my very first ever blog entry I spent holding a bucket under my four year old daughter's chin as she spent nearly all night vomiting. Great! And just to add insult to injury, I've only just got over doing the same for my 2 year old son LAST Friday. I admit, up till now I've been spoiled. My children are rarely sick, even a sniffle. My daughter has very occasionally had a one off vomit, and my son hasn't since he was a greedy baby, and we nicknamed him 'the Happy Chucker'.

We generally breed 'em tough in Tasmania - of course they get colds, but we're used to the joys of living in a climate with 4 seasons, all of them gorgeous.

This seasonality is what makes knitting all the more rewarding - for example, I am almost finished (one sleeve to set in) my red alpaca (Bendigo) wrap cardigan (Lift and Separate from Big Girl Knits), I get to wear hand knitted socks from Autumn to the end of Spring, I'm currently wearing the Chevron jumper from Yarn issue mumble mumble, and my next project is Juno from Rowan 40 in Rowan aran - but slightly longer and with a higher neckline ala the Yarn Harlot version. I also have to finish the monkey socks from which I started at the end of our holiday back at the beginning of June. - Oh, and my travelling mindless knitting is a feather and fan scarf adapted from the feather and fan socks in Socks Socks Socks.

But, in the depths of the night, when your 4 year old is sick, and you are standing around for the sixth time in your pajamas and a pair of explorer socks, you realise that it's cold, baby!


happyspider said...

welcome to the blogosphere! that's gorgeous sock yarn, what are you using?
And kids can be worse than that. my brother got thrown out of montesori because he got so focused on his game that he, erm, ignored a call of nature too long and made a particularly revolting mess. It could always be worse ;)

2paw said...

Oh, I hope the children are both feeling quite better now!! And you have had time maybe for a nap??
I love our weather too, though today it is so warm I have had to take off some layers!! Lovely socks you are knitting and scarf too!! I have a whole cardi ready to sew up, if only I could get my act together!!!
PS, I'm east of you, in the northern capital on our island!!!!

gemma said...

Hello chick,
Just keep saying to yourself, it could be worse (they could have tag teamed it for you on the same night etc).
And even if he does to go work and earn the daily bread, use that hubby of yours as a foot warmer every time you get back into bed.

Hope the chicklet gets better soon.

Taphophile said...

Hope the vomitarium recedes and your knitting studio hoves into view again soon.

It's a great first post - completely real. The other connectedness, we understand. Knitting binds, but up-chuck is really hard to get out of the carpet.

kms said...

i am thrilled to read that there is someone else out there working on the lift and separate wrap, im working on mine in bendigo as well - rustic tho as alpaca makes me itch. would love to hear how you are going with it, i have posted about it a few times and am ready to block/blog the pieces when i get done with this baby jacket i have to present on saturday. nice to meet you!!

Bells said...

hello! Welcome to blogging. You've made a brilliant start. I was right in there with your stories - the vomit and all. LOVE your monkey socks. I'm a big fan. Can we see a more close up shot?

Catherine said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of knit-blogging! I've been there with that bucket. Mine is only just a year and a half, but I've been sympathies from way over here in the western hemisphere.