Sunday, July 8, 2007

Sanity returns - except for the In-Laws

What a nice (read 'episode free') weekend!

After the expedition on Friday (and its consequences), and the stop at Waverly (they do have a website and a shade card - check here) I spent Saturday carousing with only the smaller child at a birthday party (yum, birthday cake and fairy bread - for any overseas listeners that's a slice of white bread, buttered, and covered in hundreds and thousands- multi coloured teeny tiny pinhead sized coloured balls) and lots of chat. I even had an exciting trip to the BIG supermarket (in Tasmania size is relative - it's bigger than our local) on my own!

On Saturday night the end of the first monkey sock was in sight!

Sunday, my Father-in-Law, a dear man, and his wife, who has a good heart but is rather obsessive complulsive re cleaning ,visited. This meant frantic tidying and vacuuming - oh, and don't mention the 'episodes'. I was once ill when visiting them and was sprayed with Glen 20! I think it probably gives her physical pain to visit our house - given my generally low standards in the whole house cleaning debacle. I argue that it develops my childrens' immune systems!

She just averts her eyes from the tumble weed sized dust bunnies which I have somehow failed to notice, and I pretend not to see them too! On the up side, she is a great knitter - rarely knits now as has arthritis in her fingers, but is properly appreciative of Monkey socks and me showing off my KnitPicks Options Kit, and brand new ball winder - My FiL also liked that - he is a mechanical man and thoroughly enjoyed making it go round and round!

YARN PORN WARNING! This is the Kauni yarn in natural light - I promised a photo and here it is! It feels so lush and gorgeous - still slightly greasy and 660 grams of yarny goodness just waiting for me to make it even more gorgeous. I want to do Ruth's Cardi - but the steeks terrify me - perhaps I could use the same pattern, but make it a jumper? Any suggestions?

Then last night I finished the sock - it is so beautiful - you're right Bells when you say that it looks great in nearly every yarn, I sat and envisaged battalions of Monkey socks marching through the world in all the sock yarn in my stash!! But then, what about all the other gorgeous sock patterns out there?

So I cast on for the second sock and finished the rib last night! I don't really suffer from SSK - I love knitting socks, and adore amusing sock yarns. I do really think that Cherry Tree Hill is almost the nicest sock yarn I've knitted with - it doesn't split or fluff, the colours are great and it really feels nice in your hands. What do you think? Have you found even better yarns? Tell me! My quest for the perfect sock yarn is probably never ending.

On that note, I'll leave you. Off to get more (instant) coffee! Pray for me.


catsmum said...

Ms Spider said to come visit and say hi, so here I am ... visiting from Castlemaine and saying 'Hi' [ waves frantically from Central Vic ]

2paw said...

Oh such beautiful wool and lovely socks. I am Tour de Francing so socks are on hold at the moment. The Internet is a wondrous thing: you can find people who like the SAME THING AS YOU DO!!! Luckily I know MrsDrWho as well!! Love those authors, have read them all. Have you read Glenda Larke?? I have her new book, the third in a trilogy burning a hole on my bookcase: the knitting you understand is consuming me!!! Praying to the Coffee gods and goddesses for you!!