Saturday, July 14, 2007

Can you have too much yarn?

Okay. I’m going to admit it. I may just have too much wool. I have just found 16 balls of Heirloom cashmerino in my stash. I have also discovered 19 balls of Jaeger royal blue mohair. This is yarn I had entirely forgotten I owned – the Jaeger is permissible – to my recollection I bought it at least 10 years ago and possibly more. The cashmerino I have no excuse for. I had it on lay-by for ages and only collected it a bit over 6 months ago. But it gets worse.

I thought I had entirely lost 10 skeins of Jaeger merino. Couldn’t find them anywhere. Went through and through my stash(es). I looked everywhere I might have secreted them due to having to smuggle them past the Accountant (have I mentioned that he’s started to twitch when I take possession of parcels containing yarn?).

I looked and looked. I know there is a mobile black hole in the house. I know it eats single socks, coat-hangers, pens and jig saw puzzle pieces. I know it occasionally eats knitting needles. But this is the first time it has eaten wool. Turns out it was phantom wool. It was wool I lusted over and never bought. I forget wool I own - and remember wool I have never possessed

I love yarn. My stash is organised and generally only in 2 places. I generally have tabs on the yarn I own - especially large quantities - but this was downright weird!

On a happier note, I have finished the Monkey socks. They are on my feet and look and feel great.

This means tonight is new project night (after the ironing is done). This makes me sooooooo happy. I love casting on for a new project. I know I said it was going to be Juno, but….

1. I have been seduced by Black Dog Knits swing jumper
2. I have just found some Jo Sharp Silk Road and the Cashmerino, either of which would be fabulous.
3. The swing jumper is supposed to be a fast knit (almost instant gratification)
4. Neither of the yarns in which I am proposing to knit it is red or a tone of red.
5. I have just finished L&S in red and that was lost of red and lots of knitting.

6. The Yarn for Juno is red – Thought I’d have a break from it

So I think I will try the Silkroad, which should hang beautifully. If it is as fast and easy as I have been led to believe I may even make 2 – with Juno in the middle.

I just love knitting – maybe I should buy that wool after all……

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2paw said...

Too much wool?? Wash your mouth out!! I had 15 balls of variegated green wool on The LayBy and I forgot about it till this week: it was still there!!! Monkey socks look fantastic!!