Friday, July 6, 2007

Return to quarantine

Unclean! Unclean!

Well, actually it's all very clean - we had another 'episode' last night - I am NOT going to type the 'V' word again, so I've been going insane with Pine-o-cleen and if you come too near me, you're likely to be sprayed with Glen 20 as well!

I'm down about 25 hours sleep this week alone - and my coffee machine is at the doctors - other than that it's all good!

Our expedition to the big smoke went well, including a teensy yarn fix at Waverly woollen mill - 2 x 200g hanks of Jade, 2 x 200g hanks of Pansy - both 8 ply (because despite making gorgeous mohair rugs, alpaca throws and wool/silk shawls, they only sell 8 ply! - I see a slip stitch jumper in my future!

Visited relatives, had lunch drove home - that's excitement for me these day - well that and being halfway down the foot of a monket sock. Knitted the travelling scarf in the car there and back and deciding what my next big project is going to be - I thinks it will be the adapted 'Juno' from Rowan 40 - longer, split sides, slightly higher collar - what do you think?

Had a 1 woman expedition to the supermarket today for plague house supplies - mainly germ killing stuff, but despite my utter hatred and contempt for mega-corporate supermarkets - I felt as if I was on holiday - out of the house! No Children! Alone! Listening to Eliza Carthy! Loudly! Freedom!

Ain't life grand!

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Georgie said...

Yikes - the lurgy is certainly hanging on at your place. And no coffee machine, aarrggghhh! I hope you have a good woosh pot or plunger!

I love Juno, esp with the modifications you suggested. As for Waverly - do the have a website / online sales or can one call them for a shade card and mail order?

Hope the kiddlets are better and you all got some rest on the weekend.