Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The Plague house returns to what passes for normality

Life is starting to return to normal. We are a plague house no longer (cross fingers, wish very hard). The smell of Pin-o-cleen is a memory. The towels, sheets, pillows, toys, clothes, chairs, carpets and paraphenalia are clean and dry.


I worote this yesterday (because I am all caught up in the excitement of blogging)_ - hah hah hah - it's come back and bitten me on the bum! I thought we had finished with vomit - but at 4am the 4 year old decided that I needed another lesson in what happens to pride (ie coming before a fall) and decided another vomitfest was in order - so we are right back to child not at kindergarten, other child full of rude health and the scent of Pine-o-cleen wafting through the house again - I had 36 hours of no problems and here we are again!

House looks like a bombsite. This is because two mainly healthy children have been quarantined and held inside. I pick my way through a minefield of toys, and blog - because that's a lot more fun than cleaning.

I'm not a great housekeeper. I find it difficult to get excited about something that people only notice if you DON'T do it. Who notices that the vacuuming has been done, the shower cleaned, the toilet harpicced and the windows cleaned? No-one, that's who. People only notice if you fail to do these things. How depressing. So they mainly get done - grudgingly and without enthusiasm - sort of with gritted teeth determination.

I know there are people out there who love housework. They sing as they wash up and clean windows, trill as they wash out cupboards and vacuum the cat - but I am not one of them (you will notice this if you ever come to visit!)

Cooking yes- cooking is rewarding! It's yummy andeveryone likes food. Knitting is rewarding (mostly). You knit, you relax, you make beautiful, useful items for yourself and others. The Yarn Harlot points out that knitting (even with expensive wool) works out to about one dollar an hour or less for entertainment - and that doesn't count the excitement value of wearing or giving!

There's something about using your hands and skill to create that is deeply and immensely satisfying. Even cr****t can be satisfying. Here's a little more yarn porn from my recently finished works - Canberra SnB will recognise these as the work I was knitting when I met you all (I still sigh for the possibility of a Devonport SnB)

These are the feather and fan socks from Socks, Socks, Socks, knitted in Irises from Knitting By Zen, an enabler if ever there was one. It was gorgeous to knit and looks so beautiful I can hardly wait to start another lace pair in the Roses colourway.

On a different note, for anyone in the North West (or North) of Tasmania that is interested, there is a Community Knitting Day at Adult Ed in Devonport on 14 July 2007 for World Vision - which is knitting for Mongolia this year. Come along and knit a hat, or blanket square or anything really. Register at Adult Education Tasmania - no cost!

I love to support my enablers - and bloggers, and bloggers who are also enablers - like Happy Spider and the Knitting Ninja. I also love to shop on ebay and my latest purchase is a ball winder!!!! It arrived yesterday and as soon as I work out how to use it the world is my mollusc (allergic to oysters). I will also post soon a picture of 660 grams of Kauni EQ which arrived late last week (after being opened by customs and quarantine) from Uta at this place. The Yarn is 400m/100g so that's a LOOOOOOTTTTT of yarn. Just the thought of winding it all is giving me a rash - Anny Purls points out that she had trouble getting on her wool winder (and I think she'd thinner than me so probably bought smaller skeins)- why does everyone sell skeins and hanks these days? Centre Pull balls are soo lovely!

Enough. Time to clean the kitchen and cook something!


2paw said...

I know both Katie at Live2Kit and Daphne at The Knittery will wind centre pull balls on request.
Hope the Pine-o-cleen is not being used anymore!!!
Beautiful socks!!
I made brownie today. Cooking makes me very happy!!

Taphophile said...

But skeins are so pretty and then there's the equipment - love me a good swift and ball winder!