Monday, December 29, 2008

So, this is Christmas!

Look at us - running down the slippery end of the year and into a new year in 2 days time.

All that anticipation and excitement for Christmas over and done with, and the strange, disconnected week between the big day and the year's end almost over. We had a very busy Christmas. We cleaned all Christmas eve, because of the gathering on Christmas day, including doing some preparation for Christmas dinner, were woken at 5.50am by a very excited Princess, who had found the stocking Santa left her (Santa does the stockings and mum and dad do the big presents under the tree in our house. Everyone who stays under our roof on Christmas eve gets a Santa stocking. They follow the rule of 'something to eat, something to read and something to play with' as an absolute minimum.)

Then it was stuff the turkey and get it roasting, get the pudding organised, open presents, get back to the kitchen, wash up, tidy, move furniture, get organised. I think, apart from wolfing lunch, I didn't sit down until after 4pm. Rosered - I was also wearing gold espadrilles with 4 inch wedge heels and ankle straps - and I admit I was glad to take them off when everyone finally left.

It was busy and fun and we had batteries and the Princess adored Dougal and he is her new favourite toy. She didn't even seem to notice that she hadn't received the Baby Born which was on the top of her Christmas list.

Santa managed to find the blue necklace and golf bat requested by Destructoboy (whew!) and he adored a remote controlled robot chosen by his sister (and paid for by his parents). All good.

It's been pleasant having everyone home and not really having anywhere we have to be (apart from the Accountant's radiation appointments). We have finally finished the last of the leftover turkey (in fritters last night) and now have to get to work on the ham (pasta and peas and ham tonight I think). We had cherries (lucky I ordered early, because they sold out - and I gave half my order up to a distressed lady who had promised some to her daughter). I had champagne and the Accountant and I both enjoy the Mighty Boosh DVDs - we've been laughing ourselves sick!

Christmas is over for another year. I am more thankful than I can say for all my blog and knitting friends. 2009 is on the horizon, and I'm back to work on Monday. Sigh.

I've managed a sewing day - project bags and skirts for the Princess and me; finished 2 pairs of socks from the WIP pile, done 6 repeats on the shetland triangle and had a play in the stash.

New Years Resolutions? Knit more. Learn to spin. Spend more time doing fun stuff with my family. Knit more. Buy less. Have fun. Knit more. Eat less, exercise more. More of the same, really. What about you?

Happy New Year, everyone!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Sssh! Nobody mention the `C' Word....

Yes - it's 2 sleeps until the fat man arrives - no, not the Accountant - he wouldn't be caught in a red suit - the other one - the one who comes on C.. C... Ccc... - in 2 sleeps - December 25 - that one.

I have finished the stealth knitting. Please meet Dougal, from the Magic Roundabout (for those old enough to remember). He is for the Princess, and is the first knitted toy I have ever made. It's an Alan Dart pattern and was not too much of a stretch. I'm quite proud of him. I even made the pompoms - luckily I remembered a little gizmo in the Princess's french knitting set....

I have also finished one Holidazed sock, the December kit from the Rockin' Sock Club '08. I am still havering about whether to rejoin next year. Maybe if the dollar improves....

I have managed 2 body repeats on the Shetland Triangle - my very small Contribution to the Long Lacey Summer. I love this, but haven't had much time recently....

And in the spirit of Christmas, a beautiful package from Bells - some Kaalund lace yarn - sooooooo gorgeous - and a lovely knitted handtowel - thank you so much Bells - beautifully chosen - and Princess has already attempted to steal it!

So, just in case I don't get back to do another post before Cccccc - ccc - Christmas! Have a merry and safe Christmas, and a happy, and healthy 2009. My the fat guy - no NOT the Accountant - the other one! bring you all the things you desire, but don't forget those who are doing it tough over Christmas - and make sure you help out the groups who help them!

Merry Christmas, one and all!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas is coming....

I receive two parcels yesterday.

Guess who this one was from? There is a clue - look at the card!

The lovely Rosered sent me some beautiful Malabrigo sock yarn - in the truly gorgeous Velvet grapes colour way, and the lovely card and the photo of their new house - they look so happy!

The second was from KateJ - my secret Santa person from the Tasmanian knitters group on Ravelry. Coffee, chocolate (Stuff the turkey, eat chocolate), gorgeous stitch markers, a mini sock (for my christmas tree) and the most gorgeous yellow button necklace! Thank you so much Kate!! It's is beautiful, very well stalked and much appreciated!

In other news, the Knightly Knitter and her family were a true joy, as always - bless the kniternet for my great bloggy friends!
Knitting continues, but not enough of it. The Accountant is OK but a bit tired and grumpy with the treatment and travelling, We had the gorgeousness of the prep class Christmas concert and Nativity Play last night - they looked beautiful, I forgot the camera (d'oh) and all these loud children were as quiet as mice. Lovely.

Will blog again soon - and just in case I still haven't thanked you enough for the hug - thank you! (it's still a bit on the cool side down here - and the hug is coming in very handy!)

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Thank you!

You are all utterly wonderful!

I really can't thank you enough for this amazing stealth project. I was totally blown away (as Kate can attest) and couldn't really believe she had organised and coordinated this and you had all participated.

Thank you for our knitted hug. A hug which will be much used by both of us in coming years.

I still can't really believe you all did this - so thank you all a thousand times over.

You gave me the greatest gift, even without this - your time, your skill, your thoughts and....
your friendship.

If karma rules (as I'm sure it does) you will all receive wondrous rewards for making me so happy!

To whom it may concern....

Dear Knitters,

I am currently in receipt of one (1) large knitted hug. It is my understanding that this article of sneakiness was actually coordinated by my friend, the Knightly Knitter. I would like to say, here and now, that I am completely blown away by your remarkable gift!

Not only am I just amazed at its beauty and the wonderful thoughts and cards I received - which I am going to actually be up front about, and admit that I had a jolly good cry (and a good thing we had new tissues - because we ran out 2 days ago and I only bought some more today).

But I am also just totally amazed at the sneakiness of Kate and at the remarkable kindness of a whole passel of knitters (or should that be a stitch of knitters, or a row of knitters, or a rib of knitters?)

Thank you all - thank you thank you. I will post pictures tomorrow when I have light to show the wonderfulness of this gift), and will thank all of you by email, but in the meantime thank you a thousand times

Thank you all for my hug!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

You may be experiencing some breaks in transmission....

I can’t believe how slack I am (or perhaps it is how busy I’ve been). So here is a pretty FO – Mr Greenjeans in Blue Moon Fiber Arts Twisted (colour – Space Dust)

Utterly love it. The button isn’t quite perfect, but will do until a better one comes along.

It has been worn quite a lot, because it is still cold around here. I don’t think we’ve made it to 20 degrees C yet. Cherries aren’t ripening (there is a rumour there may not be cherries for Christmas – criminal), and neither are raspberries. I’m still wearing socks and haven’t put sandals on yet. We’ve barely seen the sun, and did our entire average November rainfall in about 3 days at the end of the month. Ptui!

However, this has meant that knitting is still a joy. Knitting WIPs – first, a second gathered pullover (acres of stocking stitch – wonderful for drag-along-with-us mindless knitting) in scarlet Allegro from Bendigo. Nice, if a little splitty.

I am making the Princess a Dougal toy (from `The Magic Roundabout). This is a stealth project for the hours after kidlets are in bed. It is also in acrylic, (Magnum 8ply) so it gets a few rows every night – I am almost finished the body.

The December socks from the Rockin’ Sock Club – the final shipment. It is utterly gorgeous yarn (Socks that Rock Mediumweight) and the Holidazed pattern is easy and fun – this means I have knitted the first shipment (Serendipity – now finished at last) and the last – I must have a go at a couple from the middle!

I seem to have slaked my cardi lust, just for the moment. Nothing has happened on the Shetland triangle for ages, because I have rediscovered the unutterable joy of socks, and plan to knit lots of lacey ones – and even a pair for the accountant (Hallo, Opal 6ply).

The Accountant continues with the daily 200km round trips. This is getting old really fast, but apart from a doozey of a cold, he seems tired, but OK. Again, thanks for the good wishes.

In much more exciting news, we received a wonderful parcel yesterday from the remarkable Elizabeth of the Postcard Project. I saw a link to this on Jejune’s blog, followed it and read about this incredible person and her wonderful postcards. Apparently we have postcards coming too, but the parcel beat them!

Please, visit her blog and read about this amazing project.

Some of you seem rather surprised by the downstairs sock stash. Rosered, it is downstairs, because that is where I mainly knit – and spend most of my time – this allows me to play with, fondle and generally appreciate the sock yarn. I think of it more as a retirement fund (one which has not lost its value in the current economic upset). It probably won’t get large amounts added anytime soon (except possibly from Bendi) due to the fact that the AUD is so awful at present (Why? Why is this? Why is the US worse off than we are and yet our money is worth less? I don’t understand – and that is probably why I am not an economist.).

A little bit of Malabrigo snuck into the house, as did a teeny bit of Cascade. This is only because I know prices will have to go up soon because of the exchange rate. This is financial prudence and has nothing to do with the fact that I am a yarn pig. So there.

I am feeling vaguely virtuous, because I posted my interstate and overseas parcels. The feeling wears off when I remember that I have not yet done the Christmas cards at all.

I have callously importuned the wonderful 2Paw and her recipes will be appearing in our paper next week. In between, small amounts of cooking and even smaller amounts of house work are being done.

I will try very hard to Blog again soon. The Lovely Knightly Knitter and her family are coming to visit for the weekend, so hopefully I will have pictures and fun stuff! Thanks again for your good wishes, enjoy the weekend!