Monday, July 30, 2007

Ohoh! One of those Days

It’s been one of those days. Started about 3am with waking up and not going back to sleep – seems to happen to me around the full moon – my insomnia peaks then. Usually I would get up and have a solitary bath in the still watches of the night, relax amongst bubbles and read a book, and then saunter back to bed and sleep, but I was too tired to get up!

The children were no better once we’d all got up for breakfast – I had a raging headache, they were slow and needed heavy duty chivvying to get dressed and eat breakfast – getting them out the door was like herding cats.

Now, usually I love Tuesday morning - get rid of the kids – sorry, take the children to kindergarten and child care, Tuesday morning from 9ish till 12.30 is my only child free time, and today all I did was run errands and birthday party shop.

The Princess turns 5 on Thursday and the Party is on Saturday. Thursday is one of her 2 days per week at kindy, so that requires a cake to share at school – also presents at breakfast (which means getting up earlier than usual, because everything will take longer) and big presents which she might otherwise have wanted to take to school at dinner time.

Tomorrow is playgroup day, so when I return from playgroup I’ll be cleaning and cooking. Today is the day I drop 2 children off in the morning, return at lunchtime to collect Dectructoboy, and again 2 hours later to collect Princess. It’s worth it just to have the time to myself!

To add insult to injury, I forgot to tape Knitty Gritty on Saturday, so I didn’t even get to sit quietly and watch it with no interruptions (a Tuesday treat).

At least last night I finished the Swing Jumper, including gentle steam blocking – so tomorrow I can wear it to Playgroup – the social highlight of my week! I did manage to sneak into the local Op Shop and find a Country Road angora jumper (in my size!) and 1.5 balls of a rather nice variegated mohair.

I also managed to read the Mad Housewife’s post on the importance of children’s craft to a mother’s well being – which made me laugh hysterically and maniacally while cackling madly. So the day was not a complete write-off.

So today I herded cats, ran and ran, carried stuff, ran some more – ran late and looked longingly at my knitting.


Kate_knits_a_bit said...

You have my empathies - I didn't manage a shower or cup of tea until after 10am today, and got very little done thereafter, due to coldy coughing toddler being very high-maintenance and not resting either.
Clever you for finding Country Road Angora in your op-shop - you must have some excellent suppliers in your district!

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

Wow after reading your post....I need a nap.....
Mine are older and this being summer holidays, they are in my face constantly and are very LOUD... At least with all kids in school full time I'll be somewhat free starting in Sept.

Georgie said...

Great op-shop finds, lucky you! But what a day - make me somewhat glad I come to work for a rest!! Im always worn out after my days at home compared with my work days.

Another August baby - PJs birthday is coming up too this month. Good luck with the whole party thing!

And we need photos of the swing jacket too please!!