Monday, July 16, 2007

It's raining, it's pouring.....

It’s raining. We’ve had 25mm (1 inch) since yesterday afternoon. Last night it blew a gale, lashing the windows with whips of rain and keeping me awake most of the night. This is the first real wind we’ve had this winter – we’ve become accustomed to frosts and sunny days. It’s a bit of a shock.

A Danish backpacker is lost somewhere on Cradle Mountain. No-one’s seen him for 2 weeks and no-one knew he had gone there. It’s been snowing and last night they said it was -11 degrees Celsius. I hope he’s OK – but I worry that he’s not.

My children were over the moon about the rain – it’s their first chance to wear the new raincoats I bought back in March – first chance! In a Tasmanian winter!

My knitting continued last night – 2 nights knitting and I’m 35cm up the front of Black Dog’s Swing Jumper. Mind you – if you REALLY want to see fast knitting, take a look at 2Paws Tour de France KAL – Gorgeous.

I started collecting patterns to adapt for Daughter (got to find a better pseudonym). I bought some rather gorgeous Ladybird buttons and now I need a jumper to put them on. I have scarlet Bendigo 8 ply, Black 8 ply and I want to make something unisex – Though I don’t know if that’s possible with ladybird buttons!

Had thought of a tunic with either rib or garter stitch in black at bottom, cuffs, and across a boat-neck, 3 buttons on each side, red body and sleeves. Had vaguely thought of intarsia black spots, but decided against that, on the grounds that I went nearly instant gratification. Any ideas anyone? For a nearly 5 year old?

Off to amuse Master 2 – he’s currently being a kangaroo and boinging all over the place.

I need to contain my blog reading and photos for a couple of days – used 125% of my allowance on broadband this month and the month doesn’t finish till Sunday – Had Taph’s problem in reverse – I thought (for some reason) that last weekend was the 22nd – oh dear!

Back to the madhouse!


Rose Red said...

Yes - the blogging does more than suck your time, it also sucks your broadband!!

Re ladybird buttons - maybe something simple, to let the buttons do the talking (so to speak)?

2paw said...

Thank you for your lovely comments about my jumper!!! I had no idea ! would knit it so fast!! It rained here too, very windy and rainy last night and all day today. The Labradors and I had a wet walk and they went in the creek too!! How could that bushwalker be missing for so long after they found his backpack?? Mind you, he should have responsibly registered his walk with the rangers. Sadly, I hold little hope if he has been lost this long...
Glad the raincoats finally had a chance to get wet!!