Sunday, July 22, 2007

Return of the prodigal

I’m Baaa-aack!

Hurrah, the month has ended and I’m back on-line – I’ll try to ration myself this month and not chew up so much broadband – mind you, a lot of that was, I think, Black Dog Knits fault – I mean, you find the site, you find the yummy designs and you – download them, and print them out and start knitting them and planning for them – what do you expect!

This morning, I had a look for a cardigan pattern for Daughter’s Ladybird jacket and think I will use The Childhood jacket from In red and black. With a hood – Daughter loves hats and hoods.

We had a great weekend, despite the lack of broadband – Saturday we took a drive up to the Central Plateau, for the kids to see snow. Remember, Tasmania has the same climate as Tuscany (except no-one says ‘Wow, Tuscany, it’s freezing there’), so to see snow in winter we have to drive into the mountains. We found snow – not a lot, maybe 4-6 inches deep (10-15cms), enough to build a small snowman, for daughter to make a little snow angel on a clear section and enough to throw snowballs at each other – also enough for daughter to put a handful down the back of my jeans – brrrrr!

Very occasionally – maybe once in ten years it snows at sea level in Tassie – I remember a flatmate’s birthday being distinguished by lots of snow in Hobart many years ago – we made snowmen in the park at midnight and buried bottles of champagne to chill. People skied down the main street and little old men threw snowballs at passers-by. Almost everyone had the day off work, except me – I lived 2 blocks away, which until then I’d considered an advantage! The next day it was all gone, but it was fun while it lasted. That day there was snow on the beaches over the whole state.

I have also been in Florence on New Years Eve when it was snowing – so Tuscan climate here, not Scottish!

Sunday was our first ever Birthday Party at a fast food restaurant – not the M one, the other burger place, and I was quite surprised by how much fun Daughter had – loved the playground, ignored the food (except for Lemonade) won the prize for the best costume of the girls – it was Pirates and Fairies and she went as a Pirate Fairy – think Pirate – with sparkly wings. Lots of loot, and a wonderful time had by all.

We are not fast food and takeaway junkies. When on holiday I adore takeaway, but it tends to be of the Vietnamese, Thai, Italian, Japanese variety, rather than fast fast food. The children have been to burger restaurants maybe 3 times each – mainly because they are near highways when we are driving long distances and have toilets and undercover playgrounds. Small country towns don’t often have much fast food – we have a fish and chip shop, and I understand there is a pizza place open on Friday and Saturday nights – but hey – I make better pizzas than we can buy round here – and they have all the stuff we like on them!

For those who asked - here is the progress on the swing jumper. I have finished the back and am up to the armpits on the front. I am enjoying just knitting away with easy increases and decreases and hope to finish the front tonight and start on the first sleeve - after I've done the ironing!

Thanks to Bells, have also discovered a new blog – Rachel – also known as the Mad, Mad Housewife – read her most recent posts this morning and almost cried laughing – that is a woman who really knows the joys of family life – check her blog out if you haven’t already.

I also caught up with Bells domestic blogging – why is it that even when women work outside the home that somehow cleaning up the inside of the home becomes their responsibility? I tried to remember the last time a man (any man any time) cleaned a toilet in a house I was living in – and I couldn’t! Even when cleaning duties were (apparently) split evenly (I do the dusting, you do the vacuuming, I change the sheets, you wash the floor, I do the bathroom……) I always ended up with the toilet!

I will ponder this fact!


Georgie said...

The swing jumper is looking great - that colour is gorgeous.

I'm dreading the start of the children's party thing. It sounds like one crazy treadmill. But yay for Daughter (and you!) winning best dressed prize - clearly an inspired effort!

Bells said...

Actually cleaning the toilet is the one thing my hubby does really well. He takes it SOOO seriously. I find it amusing but am happy to let him do it. He complains I don't clean it well enough but then I say, well if 95% of the housework fell to you, you'd probably cut corners here or there too!

He can't argue with that.

2paw said...

The Swing jumper is going well, so the Knitting Goddesses are smiling on you!! Snow on the mountains when I look out the window, but it is sunny today.

RachelW said...

Awww. You are so nice; I tried to find your email address to leave you a note, but I think your second post captures my feelings exactly. Thank you. And the jumper does look great - it's a beautiful color, too!

Rose Red said...

My husband never cleans the toilet. But he does clean the oven. I think that's a fair exchange!

Rose Red said...

PS - meant to say, I think ChildHood is a great pattern - it will look very cute!