Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Pride goeth before a ......dropped stitch

Remember yesterday's post? I was cock-a-hoop because I had done 3 pattern repeats of the Monkey sock and was just feeling as if I had really got lace knitting? Should have kept ma fool mouth shut!

Last night was a disaster - yes, I still did 3 repeats - took lots longer, because my stitch count kept going out, and I had to keep tinking and tinking and tinking and.....

Finally pummelled it all into shape, got the stitch counts organised finished the three repeats (now having required about 4000 stitches instead of 2112) and.... as I admired my work I found the dropped stitch that had put all the stitch counts out! 2 repeats back!

I was too tired to do the fix last night. I have the crochet hook in the stitch and I will slowly and very very carefully work my way through the pattern and fix it. Tonight. When I sit down to knit.

I hate making these repairs - I'm pretty good at it (of necessity - because I'm likely to make mistakes in my knitting constantly), but it's not my favourite thing. Give me a cr****et hook and I can usually do the repair. So I will. Tonight.

You might also note in the not-very-good photo the ziplock bag which my sock-in-progress usually resides inside. As the yarn is handwound, it is not a beloved centre pull ball. I pull out the knitting bit, leave the wool in the bag, 3/4 zip it and the yarn gently rolls out, instead of bouncing across the floor collecting the debis usually left by 2 munchkins and a cat. Gotta love the ziplocks. (For more on ziplocks, zap across to Rose Red's blog for a discussion)

Around half my stash resides inside ziplocks of various sizes. But the best stash bags are the clear, square plastic zippered bags that quilts and blankets come in. I have four of these and am always on the lookout for more. One for sock yarn, one for Chunky yarns and 2 for DK.

This is part of my stash. My husband developed a strange facial tic when he realised that the walk in linen cupboard could not be walked into anymore. I still have no idea what he was doing in there. He never looks in the linen cupboard. Dammit, Dammit Dammit. Now he keeps a closer eye on my stash, and I have to get more adventurous in my stashing!

I may have an update on the health of the perfect coffe machine later today - I'll let you know!

Off to get lunch for munchkins! Last night was meatballs, sauteed King Edward potatoes (I'm Tasmanian - we know our spuds down here - not like Queenslanders!), a tomato, garlic and onion sauce, and Tollhouse cookies for dessert. Lunch is leftovers!


Anonymous said...

it was great to discover your blog after you dropped by! I too had a wheel but I sold it about a year ago, sometimes I miss handbuilding but generally I am loving all the other things I am doing now. I discovered too ceramics is not good for your health, all those chemicals! keep in touch!!

Rose Red said...

I was most excited to see the ziplock bag there!! And your stash - love your stash/linen cupboard!! I'm pretty sure my husband turns a blind eye to mine...at least I hope so!

happyspider said...

Yes, I'm beginning to wonder how much longer i can keep my other half calm about the stash... i just have to keep him in socks i guess.

kms said...

aagh! i dont visit for a week and look how much blogging and knitting youve done! i wish i could see a bigger pic of the L&S as it looks divine in that colour. i have started a new pair of socks rather than block and knit up all that 1x1 rib on mine! when i have blocked it (maybe this weekend) i will be seeking your advice on the finishing part because it seems very complicated! well done on everything :)

Taphophile said...

Drat those dropped stitches! Mind you, they're the only reason to have those hooky things in the house.

I'm a ziploc lover, but being a little concerned about bring more plastic into the house, I'm working on a subsitute that is see-through enough for easy selection, but better for the environment.

Georgie said...

Isnt that just enough to make you weep! When I grow up I want to know how to pick up dropped stitches - my current strategy is pull it all out and start again (can't pick up frogged stitches either - its all or nuttin').

When I arrive home with more yarn my husband justs asks the cat "how much yarn does one person need and when exactly does she plan to knit all this anyway?" Good thing the cat's on my side ;-)