Tuesday, July 24, 2007

On the Wonder of Books

Quite exhausted from yesterdays rant.

On the knitting front, I am halfway up the first sleeve – so I may go very close to a two week jumper on this one (yay!) – thank you, Ms Black Dog.

I had some positive feedback yesterday from the rant – thank you ladies – When I work out how to deal with teenage attitude in my not-yet-five year old without screaming and yelling and threatening to cancel birthdays I’ll let you know!

Today I thought we could talk about books.

I love reading – and would like to be better at reading and knitting at the same time. I’m currently reading ‘The Book of Lies’, having just finished the first 2 Lily Bard mysteries by Charlaine Harris. I’d read all the others but not those. I enjoyed her ‘Southern Vampire’ series so much, I just had to check out her others – enough humour and sex, without taking anything to seriously.

You may have gathered that I am a science fiction and fantasy fan, with love of children/young adult books as well as the grown up ones. I adore the classic children’s books – Winnie-the-Pooh (NOT the Disney version – yech yech yech!), Wind in the Willows, Milly-Molly-Mandy, Paddington Bear, anything by Roald Dahl, Alan Garner, and J P Martin’s Uncle books.

I’m very much in love with all the Tamora Pierce series – particularly because they have great female central characters in non-traditional areas, Phillip Pullman (I understand there is a film of Northern Lights coming starring Our Nic), John Flanagan, Joan Aiken and Nicholas Stuart Grey (sadly out of print, but email Penguin Books and keep asking for them – that’s what I do). My excuse is that I buy all these for the children when they’re older, but the truth is that I just enjoy them.

Growing up on a farm as an only child, with 2 TV channels (which didn’t transmit 24 hours a day – no morning TV in those days, and it finished at 10.30pm with ‘Thought for the Day’ and the National Anthem) I read. And read and read and read and read – I read out the children’s section of the local library before I was 7 and then got a special dispensation to take out adult books.

Someone I know suggested that the best way to get kids to read was to give them a torch, and then forbid them from reading after you turn out the lights, and there may be something in that (certainly my children are more likely to do something I have told them not to, than something I tell them to do!)

I envy Taph her ability to set books free into the wild – I can’t give up books (unless I really hated them!). Books, to me, are friends. My favourite shops are my LYS and bookshops – new or second hand, don’t care. My favourite bookshop is Galaxy in Sydney. I don’t often get there, but I mail order regularly (if less frequently than BC – Before Children). I’m currently still working through last December’s order – the local library has been providing me with all the books I requested in the last few months, and library books get priority over the ones I own.

I love the smell of bookshops, especially second hand bookshops of the sort Terry Pratchett describes, where books are stacked and piled in no apparent order, and manage to bend into L-space. I don’t get enough time these days to smell eau-de-tome, but enjoy it whenever it is offered.

I also re-read books – unfortunately if you hoard enough books, you don’t get enough time to re-read all the ones you want to – but I’ll get around to it when I work out how not to mess up my lace knitting every time I get to an exciting bit in Chapter 7.

Enough already. Have think of something wonderful to do for dinner with leftover roast lamb. Unfortunately ‘Delicious’ is a bit light on for ideas on how to use up leftovers, so I guess I’m on my own for that one!


Rose Red said...

Oooh leftover roast lamb - I have some ideas! Shepherd's pie (if you've got a hand-mincer); fritters (my mum's standby) - kind of like savoury pancake mix with chunks of roast lamb and chopped onion mixed in, fried in butter; lamb steaks - if you can cut a thick wedge of lamb for each person, fry or grill lightly and serve with veges and gravy; bubble&squeak (if you've got roast veg left over as well) - chop all veg and meat roughly, fry lightly adding leftover gravy (if any) and in my case, tomato relish/chutney. Sorry for all the frying, mostly it can be done healthily!!

Bells said...

Wow. RoseRed is the left overs queen, obviously!

I'd have an easy night and just make roast lamb sandwiches, if it were me.

there are a lot of books there I think I would like to read. I'm slowly feeling my way into more genre style reading.

Georgie said...

I'd come up with shepherds pie and fritters before the comments opened, but wow, Rosered has totally outstripped those ideas!

I sometimes think there are simply not enough hours in the day to read everything Id like to (should become a book reviewer!); I frequently get overwhemled by the possibilties in bookshops and have to leave without a purchase! I love the good old detective novel, and feel very edgy if I've got nothing to read with me.

2paw said...

Have you read the latest Tamore Pierce book?? The Terrier ones?? They are great. I especially love them for their female protagonists too!! People poohpooh YA boos, but I find them to, often, be more enjoyable thwen 'grownup' books: YA authors don't feel the need to add gratuitous anything, and I feel grown up authors do.

Kate_knits_a_bit said...

Isn't Tamora Pierce excellent?? I particularly like the Protector of the Small series, and the Trickster books - I've reread both sets a couple of times.
I don't know which Terrier books 2paw is referring to - must have a search!!
I've had some success with braising leftover roast meat and making filo pastry triangles (couldn't find the jaffle-maker).
Hope it was yummy, whatever you made!