Thursday, July 19, 2007


I’m excited – but I should have been excited a week ago! I have been reading lots of blogs – and thoroughly enjoying vicariously meeting lots of new people – and popping comments on their wonderful blogs, but it wasn’t till yesterday that I realised how honoured I’d been!

Put this down to being a blog novice. I was tagged as a Rockin’ Girl Blogger by Catherine. In fact, despite my newness, she had named my blog as one of her top five international rocking blogs – now, I apologise for not mentioning this before, but I really had not realised how wonderful it was – so thank you very much, Catherine.

She’s going through a tough time right now, so I’m thinking of her and her family.

On a different note, I have finished the back of the Black Dog Swing Jumper – the knitting gods must have something extra specially bad planned for me, because I finished the back the night I thought I was going to and (as far as I can tell) have not yet made major errors requiring frogging – for which I will also no doubt get struck down.

I have started on the front, and love the way it looks. The Silk Road drapes gorgeously and I love the tweedy flecked look. I’m knitting on bamboo needles to, which are becoming nicer the more I use them. I admit to not having used my Knit Picks Options much – the few times I have used them I loved them, but I keep going back to my old faves out of habit.

I’m also still searching for the perfect pattern for Daughter’s jacket/cardi with the ladybird buttons. Rose Red is right. I needs to be lovely and simple to allow the buttons to be the key feature – may have found something – the simplest of jackets, which I can play with to make perfect – watch this space.

I had a wonderful score at the local op shop on Thursday. -3 balls of Aarlan Aarwetta (sock yarn) – 2 in lilac, 1 in pink – all full skeins yum yum – 1.50 each. Someone locally uses lots of Aarlan, because I have scored a couple of balls of a gorgeous silk wool mix in the past. Wonder who it is?

I often wonder who the people are who have used the things I buy in op shops. They must have taste similar to mine – Aarlan’s great, I love the totes I have scored over the last few months for knitting bags, the dress I scored a few weeks ago – so why haven’t I met them? It’s only a small town after all.

Taph was talking about the history of objects on her blog recently. I love imagining their history. I adore the things I own which used to belong to my grandparents or great-grandparents. My family are hoarders and passers along – things that belonged to my great grandparents have their genesis in the 1850s and 1860s – my paternal grandmother was born in 1896 and died in 1973. These objects feel like a tangible link to my family and their history.

Mind you, this makes it very hard to de-clutter!

You may have noticed that I’m very light on for photos over the last few days. The Accountant has discovered how much over my broadband allocation for this month I am, and has threatened to disconnect me, This means I am limiting myself in how many blogs I look at and in commenting over the next few days (till I get my new allocation!)


Georgie said...

Bring on the new allocation so we can see the swing jacket progress! Might be a good time to increase your plan!! ;-)

Taph's post on the history of stuff made me think lots too; I'm a shocking hoarder because Im so sentimental, and wish I could be cleverer about how I keep / store / display stuff so I get more enjoyment out of it. But I do much prefer meaningful old stuff that sterile new stuff.

Bells said...

oh god, don't lose the allocation. I think I would fall apart if that happened to me!

2paw said...

Happy knitting though, how nice that everything is going so well!! Enjoy the moment!!