Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Deep thoughts on magic

Blogging has been a bit of a revelation – I am impressed with the 6 degrees of separation thing (In Tasmania, of course, being an island with a population of 450,000, many of whom have been here for generations and are related, there are only 3 degrees of separation – if you don’t know them, you know someone who does!). The very first day I put up my blog, I had a comment from Catherine – who lives on the other side of the world.

This is the thing I love most about the internet and cybersphere – that it makes distance immaterial – How did you find me, by the way, Catherine? Fascinated to know!

In addition, having 2 kids and living in the countryish (just outside a town of 1500 people) meant my shopping options were limited. We aren’t far from the nearest city (25,000 people) and an hour from the Northern Capital (65,000) but the range of goods available (read books and yarn) is limited. As, I might add is my ability to browse when accompanies by children who have no interest!

Here comes the internet! My favourite enablers all have stores on the internet – or offer their goods for sale that way. The artisans who dye and/or paint wool, those who spin, those who talk about spinning and knitting, who let me peek into their lives, who share their concerns not just about spinning and knitting, but their studies, and families, and health, and recipes.

I know it’s been said before. I know that you are all aware of it. I know the technology is commonplace. I know all these things

But deep inside me, I know it’s really ………MAGIC!

It’s as magic as taking 2 (or sometimes 4or 5 –yes, yes or even 2 connected by a piece of cord) sticks and a piece of string (or wool or cashmere or silk or linen or cotton or quiviut or a mix or even acrylic) and turning them into something beautiful and usually functional that has filled your heart and made you into an artist and creator.

It is as magic as making friends that you’ve never met, or seen or heard their voices – but you have laughed with them, advised them, chatted to them and commiserated with them and cried with them and felt a deep sense of satisfaction when they solve their problems and finish their projects.

It’s as magic as worrying about these people and their families and pets if you don’t hear from them.

And it’s as magic as looking at a photo, and feeling you're looking through a window into their lives (but in a nice non-stalkerish or peeping tom way!).

The magic is not the technology – though it’s pretty impressive!

The magic is the people!


kms said...

its is pretty cool isnt it?! it keeps me from going completely insane, given that im chained to a computer most of my life. if i cant knit all the time myself at least i can read about other people knitting. thanks for your words re the L&S, i get overwhelmed by patterns at first but when i just do one line at a time, one bit at a time, they seem to come together!

Rose Red said...

Oh yes, I'm with you - it is totally magic! I love it!

Catherine said...

I agree on the magic bit. I found you through our dear Ms. Spider. I found Ms. Spider through a Farmgirl friend, Jayne, in Western Australia. I found the Farmgirls...whooboy, many, many years ago! Love the magic. :)

(I may have to seriously consider a visit to your part of the world some day, since I'm getting lost in the wonderful world of Australian knitters! Love David Reidy's Sticks & String podcast and there's also Ruth - an Australian girl living in South Africa!)

happyspider said...

Yeah, it's the best. does it make up a bit for the lack of a nice tas snb?

2paw said...

There are nice Tassie SnBs, : The Knitting Coven is lovely, it's just that in Tasmania, we think you need a machete and a cut lunch to drive for more than, well, 30 minutes to go somewhere!! I know forst hand what a wonderful support and network the Internet can be: people are greatique (Tour de France KAL is making me do that!!) You are welcome any time at The Knitting Coven, it's just a long way to come!!!

Taphophile said...

Magic - definitely the term to use. :)

Your island State and my island Territory - 3 degrees of separation is the absolute norm. I hated it when I was growing up and now I love it.

catsmum said...