Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Humbled and very, very chuffed

Thank you so much, you fibre fairies out there in the blogosphere! Thank you for your lovely welcome - and for the fact that you actually read the blog!!!

It's a very odd expereince this blogging thing - While I was revving myself up to it I was very excited - but also a little worried - for one thing, as I don't actually HAVE a life (I have children instead of one) would there be much to blog at all. For another, would it be too much like taking my clothes off in public (which happened when I was younger, slimmer and drunker - and anyway it was for art!). What I find, instead on reading your comments, is that it's more like writing a letter to friends who understand - and might I add that your comments also reveal you to me- those that understand the parenting and those fibre foxes who want to know what the sock-in-progress is knitted with - yes, this means you Spidey!

In fact, the sock in progress is 'African Grey' in Cherry Tree Hill Supersock, and of course the Monkey Sock pattern from knitty.com (please don't be upset with me websites and blogs - I'm still working out how to make the links!)

As for the Lift and Separate, it's finally FINISHED!!!!!! Last night I set in the remaining sleeve, blocked it, and c*****eted around the hole for the tie. I love it very much but it was rather an exercise in endurance - all that 1x1 rib (my unfavourite stitch - not at all like 2x2.

Tonight I return to the Monkey socks. Thanks for the other comment from Tasmania too - I adore the Northern Capital of our state, which has at least one wonderful yarn shop and also Waverly Woollen mill, which apart from making lovely blankets is also a pusher of 8 ply wool. It also used to be the home of Coats Patons (which pushed from a factory outlet) but that now long gone.

Today it is pouring with much needed rain. We haven't been as droughted as states on the Big Island, but the farmers are still quite chuffed about the whole rain thing! I just remind myself that Tasmania has the same climate as Tuscany, and 2 Tasmanian wineries just took out gold medals for Pinot Noir. This is overlooked by those who mistakenly believe we have the same climate as Britain (or in the case of some North Queenslanders, Siberia). The Tuscan climate means we (editorial or royal as I am not directly involved) make great wine. Well, I am involved - I drink it!

Possibly the best thing about Knitting the Lift and separate in Geranium alpaca from Bendigo is that red wine won't show!!!

Just one more little bit of yarn porn to brighten your day. In my list of recently completed projects I forgot this one. Its a pattern from a Creative Knitting Magazine last year (I think this is the vaguely Australian version of Simply Knitting - is that right? Someone out there will know) It is knitted in Katia Nepal which took me months to track down and was eventually bought from England and sent by airmail and was STILL cheaper than buying it a Sp****ght!

This is one of the very few occasions on which I did not substitute yarn. I am a professional substituter - you will see some examples in future posts (she says almost confidently!)

Every time I wear it people comment about it - it has inspired 2 friends to take up knitting again and was almost the easiest and fastest thing I have knitted in ages - 1 night for each front and sleeve, 2 for the back and 2 for the collar - 1 for bands and one for sewing!

NB. My major knitting time is between 8 and 10pm when munchkins are in bed. Occasionally I get to knit in the car on longer trips (to our Northern Capital for example) when the Accountant drives. Knitting during the day is impossible because the damage to knitting and to persons which can be caused by a 2 year old boy with pointy metal objects should not be underestimated!!!!

Just as I finish - I would welcome any tips etc (especially on making those troublesome links and taking better blog photos) This is a huge learning curve and any help is more than welcome!!!!


happyspider said...

Oh yes, Cherry tree hill is lovely to knit with. I was making the monkey socks out of CTH foxy lady... but one did a runner! i still havent recovered. i probably still have enough yarn for a pair, but am hesitant to start again...
the best way to do links is to write your post. Then you highlight the word you want to be a link and click the little buttong with a picture of the earth on it. a window will pop up and you type the website in there. of course, its much quicker if you open a second browser and copy and paste the websites you want. you avoid typing invalid links this way too.
hope this helps :)

gemma said...

I often substitute yarns,its once in a while a disaster, (less often these days) but now I have "grown up" I swatch as instructed, so fewer problems.

2paw said...

Huzzah!! Someone who understands our climate is more Spain than Britain!!!! I am always saying the same thing!!! I want to make some Monkey socks, I am always the last on the end of a craze!! It took me ages to be able to make clicky link: I am not the person to ask!!! Love garments: I am starting a 'garment' with the Tour de France KAL at the end of the week!! I knitted a sock today. I knitted a sock yesterday: I have a pair!!! I have lived in Burnie and Ulverstone and Sisters Beach as well in the NW. Hope the children are better and not pierced!!!

Bells said...

oh your monkey looks wonderful! God I love that pattern. I'm yet to see any wool not look good when knitted into monkeys.

Georgie said...

Hey there, and a belated welcome! Just wanted to say Im really enjoying your blog - looking forward to hearing more about your substituting, since mine is often less-than-successful! (unlike Gemma, Im still too often slack on that swatching bizzo). Loving hearing about Tassie too.

Hope the munchkins are better....I have an-almost-2-yo, so sending solidarity vibes!