Sunday, September 30, 2007

Always Take the Weather With You

Hurrah for Carolyn – who remembered what I had forgotten! – I could see in my mind’s eye a pair of gorgeous red lacy socks with a balck beaded cuff (and due to the fact that my brain disappeared at about the time my daughter appeared I didn’t know whether it was a fabulous design idea of my subconscious, or if I’d seen it somewhere). A cursory search of the usual suspects (own books,, some free internet patterns) didn’t turn it up, but she did! Of course, the Yanr Harlot made one from a kit!

So here’s to Carolyn and her functioning brain! – mine gave out years ago! I’ve emailed the kit supplier, and asked if it would be possible to buy a copy of the pattern, and am awaiting their reply. I really hope they say yes, because otherwise I am going to have to design my own, and we know what that will mean! Nightmares and a probably unwearable sock! Not to mention copyright issues, unless I make it entirely different. Ay me!

For those of you who have signed up, the Southern Summer of Socks starts today!!! – Unless, of course, like me, you have a handicap because you started early! So my SSS starts tomorrow – Yay etc. I will probably try to finish my Clapotis before I continue on the socks though – because having too many WIPs is slightly stressing me – I am so close to finishing Juno and the Clappy has 4 repeats to go before I start on the decrease section.

I really like the Happy Clappy. And I think I may make a wool one next autumn, but next on the needles are several pairs of socks, some Christmas presents, Black Dog’s swing jumper in Silk Garden and Bella in the Amerah silk and Bendigo cotton. That’s more than enough to keep me occupied until nearly Christmas.

It’s been a very blustery and changeable end of September. We’ve had gales, huge amounts of rain, hail, some sunshine, snow in the mountains and yet, spring still marches on.

You’ve got to love the way nature goes “Nup – don’t care about the weather. This is spring, and I’m going to wear my best clothes!”.

My Princess is currently sick – she went to the cinema for the very first time on Saturday with her best friend and best friend’s mother and came home complaining of a headache and sore eyes. She’s been running a fever since then, along with general down-ness and complete lack of appetite (most unusual for the Princess). She’s better today, but still somewhat demanding, so I’ll leave this now.

But as I leave, just a thought. KMS was discussing the’Friend’ thing on Ravelry. I’m with her, in that I don’t think that Ravelry’s a popularity contest. But just to make me feel better, all my blogpals are Ravelry friends, right? Have I missed anyone I should have invited? If I have, it’s because I haven’t had a chance to spend much time there, but I really don’t want to feel like Sleeping Beauty’s mother – let me know if you’re feeling overlooked and sad, because trying to exclude people is not the aim (despite being elitist and invitation only!!). Remember, it’s about yarn and knitting and the size of your stash!!!


Bells said...

I got over that friend-ravelry anxiety. Not that it was anxiety. I just felt weird 'friending' say, the Yarn Harlot. But it's just about watching what other people are doing. I love to look at the friends' activity tab and see what patterns so and so has queued in the last day or so. I get some of my best queue additions that way!

Rose Red said...

Me too - I'm always checking out friend activity!! That's why my queue is toooooo long!!

Your clappy is looking great!

2paw said...

Bah Humbug the Lurgy!! I hate that the wind and rain has made my white camellia all brown and horrid. I remember those Yarn Harlot socks, they were very nice!!!
The Ravelry Friend Me thing is weird, but it seems OK.

Alwen said...

Bah, I'll be even older and more crotchety than I am now before I get into Ravelry!

It's gorgeous to watch spring from the perspective of fall.

Donna Lee said...

As we ease our way into fall (for a change, usually it stays hot and then overnight it rains, the leaves are gone and it's cold and rainy forever) and the sun is warm and the air is cool, it's perfect. It's the same feeling that you feel after a long cold winter. AAHHHHHH.

Raven said...

I'm still getting the hang of how friends work on Ravelry. I just figured out that you can watch your friends' activity. It's inspiring.

I look forward to seeing all your socks.

Carolyn said...

Oh, I'm so happy that the sock I was thinking of was the same one you were! I have been over to that site a lot because I got a kit for another of their socks, the Fiber Festival.

Happy Southern Summer of Socks!

happyspider said...

hey, teenagers do it on myspace all the time... at least we know we have something in common this way (beyond bad angsty poetry and an obsession with chingy, of course).
my first pair of SSS socks are the spider-web sockies from heartstrings ;) beaded lace spider and web on black socks. seemed appropriate somehow.
gorgeous clappy :)

Kate_knits_a_bit said...

Hasn't the weather been hilarious?? all the spring flowers look like floral-frocked ladies who've been drenched during the garden tea-party!
The lurgy has hit Miss 4 hard, she's taking a long time to get anywhere near conquering it, and has started to have naps during the day!!!
Hope you can get you kit on :>

Nora said...

Ooooh, the swing jumper will look great in SG! Which colour are you using?