Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Handicap Stakes

I’m glad we’ve got that whole handicapping thing out of the way. Most of you seemed to think that holding off and giving the SSS a days head start was a reasonable handicap – so we’ll stick to that. I do enough frogging because I’ve completely stuffed up – it sort of seemed to be mocking the knitting Goddess to frog when you haven’t made a mistake!

It’s been a particularly tumultuous day here in Tassie – in 24 hours we’ve had torrential rain, sunshine, blustery winds, hail, more sunshine, more rain, more wind and generally more of everything – we’ve probably had snow up in the mountains.

My mother used to use an old saying about March in the Northern Hemisphere coming ‘In like a lion and out like a lamb’. That probably accurately describes September in Tasmania. Some days let you know that summer isn’t far off, and other wild blustery days point out that it’s not that long since winter finished. As September finishes in 2 days, I hope the weather gets its act together and goes out like a lamb (mmm….. lambswool).

A friend of mine’s mother has just returned from a holiday in New Zealand and purchased for me some glorious Touch wool (in turquoises and greens) some Touch brushed mohair (in green, turquoise and purple) and a boucle mohair mix in reds and browns – she also snagged a tiny sheep and 2 gorgeous sheep buttons and the lovely bag it all came in. I owe her some money but she’s got great taste!!

I think I mentioned in a previous post the prospect of incoming books. I decided to blow this months allowance on and purchased some knitting books which are either ludicrously expensive or completely unobtainable in Australia. I am awaiting their arrival and will dutifully add them to my ‘IN’ list when I have them in my hot little hands. They don’t count as ‘In’ till they’re here (just as they don’t count as ‘Out’ till they leave the premises!).

The Accountant returns in a very short time – we are looking forward to his return – especially the children and especially the Princess (did I hear any murmurs of ‘Daddy’s little girl’? – too right she is!).

I’ll pop this up and try to get photos of the new wool soon. In addition, I’d like to point out that Donni’s yarn is tooo gorgeous – but will not be cast on until after the official SSS start date. (I won’t be caught again!) But certainly (as per some backroom discussions) the thought of the Rosered yarn in a lacey pattern with a yet to be determined black cuff and even possibly beads (which I have never knitted with) is rather fetching. All ideas and pattern pointers gratefully accepted!


Rose Red said...

I'm pretty sure there is a pattern with a beaded cuff - I think the Yarn Harlot made it, probably about 6 months ago. Hmmm, might be a job for...RAVELRY!!!

2paw said...

The weather has been really Crowded House today. The power went off last night and it was truly pitch black!! I think there were some beaded socks on Knitty and I like these:
Mainly because they are uncomplicated and, well, green!!!

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

I hear yah...with the Canadian $ being as strong as it is and with me getting the latest KnitPicks catelogue the other day....I just might have to give into temptation.

Kate_knits_a_bit said...

lucky you, some of Donni's yarn to play with!!!
I just signed up for SSS, after starting those socks with your help - maybe I won't count them towards it... I can't bring myself to follow your lead and handicap myself on them - I am loving them too much!!!!
Oh, **dramatic gesture and huge sigh** why is it all so hard???

Carolyn said...

The sock you described sounds like the Kitri sock from It is red lace with a black cuff and beads, but I don't know if they sell the pattern seperately or only as a kit. You could ask, they might be willing to sell just the pattern part.

MadMad said...

The yarn is gorgeous! Knitty had a seed-bead sock pattern, I think in spring?