Thursday, September 13, 2007

Heaven, I'm in Heaven

I certainly am in heaven – for lots of reasons! I’ve been getting some lovely emails from blogfriends; the new for Fall 2007 is out; my kids have been (mainly) great today – they’re currently making glue on things from our local cheap crap shop – Chickenfeed – which occasionally has craft kits and so on that I buy up and stash for wet days; I’ve got the Interweave which arrived last week, supplemented by Vogue Knits and the massive downloads and print-outs I’ve just spent the last hour doing, working my way backwards through older Knittys; I’ve finished Juno’s second sleeve, which means that tonight is sewing and bands, and then the COLLAR is in sight!!

I also got some great yarn Karma – so I’m looking forward to that; but best of all, I finally paid off my Sublime lay-by – so I have that in my hot little hands!! The lovely ladies at my LYS have a loyalty scheme – when you have spent $100 dollars, recorded on your little card, they give you a present. It sort of depends what they’ve got around – so far, I’ve received a scarf looping thingie for making non-knitted scarves; a calculator (very useful – lives in my sock kit along with other useful items) and today I was given a bag of 6 balls of toning yarns – like a mini-stash – mine’s in blues and turquoises – one of my two favourite combinations (blue/green/turquoise/purple – water and sea colours, and orange/yellow/red – fire and autumn colours). The yarns are roughly the same ply, but different materials and just lovely – stash in a bag!

I really do like my LYS. The ladies who run it are experienced in knitting, needlework and cr*****t; they knit up all the yarns they stock, so you can see and feel them. The range is good (if conservative – I took in my silk and my A-maizing for them to play with), they stock most main brands and a few books, and have just started stocking Fibertrends patterns and Naturally yarns. The down side (such as it is) is that some harder to get and rarer yarns are not stocked. I discussed the Mission Falls 1824 with them, but because there is no call for it, they don’t stock it.

My fabulous sister-in-law (the one living in the ACT) adores this shop. She says that she feels welcome and not at all intimidated. They also stock a number of plus size patterns. All in all, it has a very low wank-value-quotient (WVQ).

Some yarn shops I have visited have a very high WVQ (I won’t mention Manuka in any way, shape or form, but some of you will know what I mean). Think of the shops you visit regularly. Is their WVQ high or low? Are the sales assistants rude or helpful; happy or miserable? Is there an automatic 25% surcharge on everything in the shop, simply for being sold from THAT shop in THAT location? Are you made to feel small, rustic, un-hip, or un-cool? Or welcomed, assisted and at home?

I find I have a lower tolerance for wankiness as I get older. Unlesss, of course I have been drinking heavily, when I am just as likely to roar with laughter and make loud asides about the tastelessness of certain articles.

I was reading Catsmum’s post, about style. I have none – or at least none that doesn’t go with being a stay at home mum. I’ve passed the vomit-on-your-shoulder stage, but not the vegemite and jam and chocolate on your shirt stage. I need a visit to a hairdresser. I need to lose more weight than I care to contemplate. I need a stylist and a shopper and a facial and most extremities waxed. I need a new pair of jeans, and a manicure. None of these things are likely to happen in the near future (except maybe the jeans if there’s a sale).

And you know what? I don’t really care. My daughter thinks I’m beautiful and my son thinks I’m soft and comfy and give great cuddles. I can throw most things I wear (except the jumpers) into the washing machine. I’m fat and happy and a pretty good cook. – I’ve got the new Knitty, Juno’s getting to the exciting stage and I’ve got blogpals – who are also the knitia – or knitsters – or kniterati – or kniternals.

I’m as happy as a clam!

Heaven, I’m in heaven!


Rose Red said...

WVQ. Love it. Must add that to my vocabulary, along with, of course, steekingate!!

Jejune said...

Sigh, I'm envious of your LYS - as you probably know most Canberran yarn shops have a pretty high WVQ!

Lovely to hear you're so happy and content with life and yourself - AND with a new Knitty to contemplate - doesn't get much better! :)

Bells said...

it's my dream to own a yarn store that's got zero WVQ.

Catherine said...

Sounds like much to be happy about!! :)!

gemma said...

Its lovely to be content. keep laughing

Taphophile said...

Wheee - a good day indeed. I am in a pout, though, about your LYS. My LYS (NOT Manuka) is the evil twin of yours. The stock's pretty good, and getting better, but the service is inconsistent at best and downright rude at worst. There are SO many stories about the service there.

Glad you're feeling happy - it's a grand way to be. :)

Shazmina Bendi said...

um hello, sounds like you have the PERFECT life! Dont get me started on WVQ, there is a Sydney city LYS, that has WVQ by the tonne! I dont shop there on principle!

Shazmina Bendi said...

ps you must be cool and groovy, & fabulously stylish 'cos you have the same blogger template as me (only the second blog, apart from mine, that I have found with it!) Oh and I am in love with your shoes!

Kate_knits_a_bit said...

I've been to Manuka, and it must really be quite tricky sometimes keeping one's nose high enough in the air all the way to the shops and back to the only available car space 2.3 km walk away!!! (Some nice eats, though) So is there a yarn shop there with a high WVQ that had inspired this scientific system of comparative measurement? I have heard some interesting anecdotes about the very different experiences had by different people at a LYS down here, depending on age, dress, and level of confidence...
jealous - still haven't found a copy of IK here yet - I seek it here, I seek it there, that demmed, elusive, IK Fall