Saturday, September 22, 2007

Is knitting better than sex?

Which is better?

Talking about knitting, knitting, or talking about knitting while actually knitting? (Or is it talking about knitting while knitting and eating brownies stuffed with dried cherries?) As I have no stitch and bitch group in my immediate vicinity, and very few people who either understand or share my knitting obsession I rely on my blog pals to fuel this particular interest.

Have had a great few knitting days. Friday was the visit from Jill the Super-cabler! And then yesterday I had a visit from the Knitting Knight’s road trip. A lovely day spent playing with yarn, talking about knitting and food and socks and yarn and knitting and children and gardens and knitting and stash and knitting and so on.

The Knitting Knight’s family is just lovely and supportive of their mother’s knitting prowess. I also received a gorgeous handcrafted sock knitting bag from the young male Knitting Knight (his first outing on the sewing machine – and mightily impressive – photos later). Kate made me highly envious with her Dish Rag Tag - so I think I will be forced to sign up next year.

It was a lovely weekend and great to meet co-bloggers (bloggista?) in person. She has, of course opened the floodgates and now can expect a return visit from Chez Tinkingbell at a future date!


Here’s the ‘In, Out, Shake it all about’ list.

For sheer quantity, this one will be hard to beat!

4 tonnes (cubic metres) of firewood
2 trailer loads to the tip – this includes dead furniture, old guttering tiles sacks and stuuf including treated wood and wood with paint
7 bags of childrens clothes – sold on ebay
10 skeins of Rowan 4 ply – sold
2 balls sock yarn – sold
2 more bags of sheets and toys to the child care centre
4 (?)forgotten – patterns to Taph – evil laughter
3 toys – gifts
1 bag bibs and smocks – childcare centre
1 bag childrens shoes – gift
2 pairs boys shoes – gift
1 bag – lifeline

1 knitting pattern book
4 balls Jo Sharp Kid mohair
20 skeins of Rowan 4 ply
1 handcrafted sock knitting bag from a young friend of mine
1 apricot shirt from the op-shop

Shake it all about

8 cloth nappies turned into dusters/ wiper uppers

I’m very taken with the de-cluttering – but seem to have spent such a long time (and so much effort) cluttering, feel that a high level of de-clutter may take a while.

Off to survey the possibilities for round 4 of de-clutter. More later!


Bells said...

in answer to the question, I shall quote Happy Spider who once said, 'I'm not interested unless I've looked at a pattern first.'

tee hee.

Jill said...

Well, you can KNIT pretty much anywhere... :-)

As to the knit options, I'd always vote for knitting while talking about knitting, be it in an s'n'b group, with other folks who just always have some knitting handy, or the virtual equivalent - knitting while browsing blogs.

I've very impressed by your decluttering efforts. My house here is clutter-free, because I've only got the stuff I need here, but the mainland base is seriously clutter-prone. Somehow, decluttering by remote control just doesn't seem to work, sadly.

Taphophile said...

If this was a competition - and it's so not - you'd win. 4 tonnes of firewood! Do you have your own forest?

If I get to vote, it would be knitting AND sex, but not at the same time and not always in that order. ;)

Nora said...

Well, this weekend proved that talking about knitting while knitting is the way to go! [SnB on Saturday with RoseRed and Shazmina Bendi = heaven!!] :)


Donni said...

Burnt Butter - it's there - you know you want it~!

Alwen said...

Brownies with dried cherries . . . mmmmm, and me living in a sweet cherry-growing state (Michigan).

My husband said "HOW much firewood?" (He just spent yesterday stacking about two cords of wood while a friend of his ran the hydraulic splitter.) But I guess Tasmania is too far.

And I love "In and Out and Shake it all about" for decluttering.

Raven said...

Good luck de-cluttering.

My vote, knitting while talking about knitting.

TinkingBell said...

Just to let you all know - 4 tonnes is 4 cubic metres - a biggish stack, and we renovated last year and swapped our open fireplace and combustion stove for a heat pump and professional oven (MMMMM) !So we had leftover firewood which we gave to friends in return for their help cleaning out the shed and taking some stuff to the tip for us!

Georgie said...

My vote is for knitting while talking about knitting talking about knitting during sex an option?

That is a mighty impressive effort this week Tink, 4 t of firewood takes this weeks medal, for sure!

Bells said...

I dunno Georgie, try it and see how hubby likes it! he he

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

Hmmmm looks like you've asked the question that philosophers will be pondering for years to come. But is that sex or S.E.X that we are talking about?

Good job on the decluttering, I'll have to triple my efforts to keep up to you. DH is starting to sell stuff on ebay...but since he's doing it, I don't think that I can count it towards my total.

Donna Lee said...

Chocolate brownies with dried cherries are hard to beat. I don't have a local snb group either and I depend on the online community to talk knitting with (or other stuff,too). Fortunately, two of my three daughters are catching the bug. I am not sure if they really love it or are doing it becase MOM is doing it but time will tell on that one. Good lot of decluttering you did there!

Carolyn said...

Very impressive de-cluttering! I might have to be inspired to de-clutter my own home now. I know the man would apprecitate that. And I better not admit within his hearing... (knitting is better)

Kate_knits_a_bit said...

Knitting and talking knitting and eating brownies (or other delicacies), definitely!!
Pleased you've got some bandwidth free this week, but am flabbergasted by the Enormous Sock Challenge you've set up!! (yes, I know that that's the next post, but I'm being economical with the upload times here!)
And hey, anytime you need to remove some Cherry Tree Hill from your stash, there's a loving home down here in my castle!!!

Alwen said...

And I probably should have mentioned that I have a link to my brownie recipe in the sidebar of my blog!