Sunday, September 2, 2007

The grass is as high as an elephant's.....

Well, there’s Father’s Day over and done with for another year! The Accountant received a beautiful coaster from the Princess (made in Kinder) along with the requisite hand-made card and key-ring, along with 2 shirts and a lovely silver punch-server. I also extended myself and made Brioche for breakfast (the little bobbles on the top were the most popular bits for children).

Took daughter to the local circus annual performance. These guys run a circus school and the Princess has been hanging out to turn 5 and thereby be allowed to go to circus school. I’m hanging out until she turns 15 and runs away to join the circus!

She’s been able to turn somersaults since she saw a child do it on Playschool when she was 18 months old. She’s also in love with being upside down on the monkey bar on her swing – so anything which might allow her to swing in the air turning around while upside down has her vote. I prefer the idea of circus school to ballet – as a veteran of the ballet wars (I danced for 17 years) I know what the injury rate is. I stopped being serious about it when I was taught how to wrap my toes so that when they bled (not IF – WHEN they bled) they wouldn’t ruin the inside of my pointe shoes.

I have the feeling that circus is a wider range of skills and possibly more fun and less seriously pink and girly.

I took Princess to Cirque du Soleil when we were in Canberra earlier this year – she didn’t take her eyes off the stage and sat with her mouth open barely speaking through the entire performance. Anything which renders the Princess speechless is to be seriously encouraged.

Just returned from assisting with a post Walk-a-thon BBQ at the school, so am feeling seriously diligent and dutiful – quite enough overt motherliness for one day, I think.

Juno is progressing nicely – up to the armholes on the left front, despite having to frog 25 rows because I forgot to do the increases, and then frog 10 rows after re-knitting because for some weird reason my subconscious decided I needed increases on both sides (I probably do, but let’s not get into that).

I also followed Taph’s lead and am trying to spring clean. Two boxes of toys are ready for the local not-for-profit child care centre, along with a ride on toy, one very large bag of assorted clothes etc is off to Lifeline, one bag of nappies and baby stuff off to a friends for her little one, another off to another friend for her little one. A box of crockery and kitchen ware is also half finished for Lifeline – so that’s seven boxes and bags and lots more than 7 items. – Still heaps to go to attempt to de-clutter this place!!

Kate was talking about the nude Olympics her children engage in – my children love running around sans clothes and now that Destructoboy has been toilet trained and nappies are a thing of the past – he is often to be seen sprinting past – willy waving in the breeze. Now that spring is here, summer’s not far away, and that means nudie splashing in the paddling pool and slippery sprints through the garden (although I insist on shoes – some thistles always get missed when I chip the lawns - well grass – not nearly well enough looked after to be actual ‘lawn’. I don’t worry about lawns – I’m like Peter Cundall – lawn is just green stuff you walk over on the way to the fruit trees and veggie garden).

Garden's currently doing a great job of burgeoning – first of the blossoms (Kentish cherry) have bloomed, as have camellias and rhodos. I have 2 camellia trees which stand over 10 metres high – yes, 10 metres. I think they are probably quite old. They look very beautiful at the moment, as do all the others about the place.

Hurrah for spring – and for all the things which grow and require me to do absolutely nothing to make them look beautiful!


Raven said...

Too bad about having to frog your Juno.

It sounds like you have a natural circus girl there.

It's seems strange that you are just starting spring whereas we are just starting fall. I look forward to all the extra knitting I'll get done because it's too dark/wet to do anything besides watch tv and knit.

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

When the Princess goes to Montreal to go to the Cirque du Soleil school, I'll be sure to go visit her. It's only 1 1/2- 2 hours away.

Here in Canada Dad's day is in June which is perfect BBQ weather. Notice how both countries have these things perfectly set up.

Georgie said...

Good work on Father's Day - esp homemade brioche! Yum!

I was a tumbly kid who daydreamed about joining the circus - had to settle for standing on the rump of my horse and vaulting over her. Circus school sounds ace!

Excellent decluttering effort - I'm with you all in spirit!

Kate_knits_a_bit said...

Father's Day was marked by similar hand-made treasures, and 8L of fence paint ;>
Our darling Miss 2 is more the dancing type: pink, sparkly, twirly-whirly, ribbons and maracas, though as the last item shows, not Strictly Ballet (for which I am grateful)
Congrats on the Juno - ignore the pixie-mischief messing with your progress, they'll never beat you!
Spring cleaning - I have been feeling the call (though not today after about 4 wakeups between midnight and 6.30am), but I think it will be more of a school holiday blitz than a measured 3month approach - I certainly need to do something about those last few boxes!!