Wednesday, September 26, 2007

And the Answer Is........

Well, in answer to the question posed in a recent blog, most of you seemed to think there was rather a dead heat between knitting and sex, but that knitting while talking about knitting (and eating Kate’s orange and dried cherry brownies) was pretty darn good (notice how I get my ‘G’ rating). There was some thought that knitting during sex was probably NOT a great idea, but that crying out ‘Yarn over, mohair oh mohair!’ during the throes of passion may also cause a little trouble in the marital bed!

On the plus side, life has remained fairly good, as although the Accountant is away on business, my wonderful and entirely un-evil stepmother is staying which means I have an adult to talk to during the day and, as she knits, I have an adult knitter who loves my children to talk to during the day – a wonderful state of affairs.

The Princess finally went to her first class at Circus School and thinks it is wonderful. She’s the littlest one in the class, but was trying to hula hoop while spinning herself (don’t bother trying it – it really doesn’t work!), doing forward rolls, balancing on a board on a cylinder and suspending herself upside down from the uneven bars – heaven in fact!

Destructoboy has used his powers moderately wisely in recent times – not destroying too much, but is enjoying Grandma’s visit.

I have knitted on my Clapotis, popped some pictures up on Ravelry – made a mistake about when SSS was starting and fallen off the wagon in both the yarn and shoe departments. Oh, and the book department, too – just in case I forget later.

I have ordered some Neon from Bendigo, received some glorious sock yarn from Donyale (Rosered and Burnt Butter – too, too gorgeous – I had to snap them up, and now I feel like a yarn pig but they’re mine, mine I tell you hahahahahahahaaa… Sorry – just lapsed there for a moment).

The mistake was casting on a sock for a party, and then knitting a bit while chatting to the Knitting Knight. What? Of course you take a sock when you go to a party. This meant I jumped the SSS gun, so, while I did consider frogging and starting over, I have decided I would offer a compromise. As I have spent around 2.5 hours knitting this sock, I offer the option of taking a handicap. I suggest that I don’t start the SSS KAL until the 2nd of October, which would make me about even with the 2.5 hours of knitting I’ve done and therefore, fit into the spirit of the KAL and salve my conscience.

What do you think? Would honour be satisfied with this solution?

In the throwing myself wholeheartedly off the wagon department, while roaming childlessly through our local CBD, I saw, fell in love with and bought these:

These are very high and very narrow red polka dot wedges which I couldn’t resist. I also bought 3 bras on sale, so my ‘IN’ count in the de-cluttering report will be rather higher than I was thinking. (And my ‘OUT’ count not as high as I was hoping).

Visit SSS and sign up – even if you think you might only knit one pair – it’ll be fun and I am looking forward to it. For those of you who think I’ve rather stuck my neck out on the personal challenge front, consider that one pair of socks could satisfy nearly all my challenges – if I, for instance, were to knit a toe-up pair of fairisle cotton socks with a cable! (I’m not really planning to but…)

I also think that Donni’s Rosered yarn demands something very lacy and sexy (perhaps that I cold wear with high polka dot shoes?). I’ll get back to you on that one.


Rose Red said...

I LOVE THOSE SHOES!! (well, duh!)

I LOVE THAT ROSERED YARN (well, double-duh!)

Are you sure you aren't really me?

(btw, I posted your good yarn karma today!)

Bells said...

Oh man. It's all soooo gorgeous. I did as you said and ordered some Donyale yarn for myself. I believe it has healing properties.

Those shoes!!!!!

2paw said...

What gorgeous shoes!! Can you really walk in them?? THat's a Circus Feat(feet!!) as far as I'm concerned. What lovely wool, in lovely cylindrical cakes!!!
I think your SSS penance is very appropriate!! I think I shall start a day late too to make up for The Mauritius socks day of knitting. Great idea!!

Donna Lee said...

I have not signed up for sss although winter of socks seems to be more appropriate. I don't wear socks all summer. I think your chosen handicap seems fair. Hmmm, I like knitting socks so maybe I should sign up.

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

I think that if you are going to fall off the wagon, it's best to do it with some gorgeous yarn.

And since you have to wear those shoes someplace...the wool shop seems as good a place to wear them as any other.

kms said...

oh yes that yarn, those shoes!! complete fibre-whoredom, well done!

Lynne said...

You could finish the socks and cast on a new pair on Monday. LOL

Donni said...

I totally need you to cast on the RoseRed and let me see what it looks like.