Monday, October 1, 2007

In Sickness, and More Sickness

We’re back to needing wine again, folks! I had to collect Princess from school at lunchtime as she faded again. She’s been knocked around by some bug – fever, tiredness and sometimes a headache – but went to school today because I figure that if you’re well enough to fight with your brother and yell at your mother, then you’re well enough for school!

My mistake – she lasted the morning then went downhill. She and the aforesaid brother are watching ‘Peter Pan’ and squabbling quietly while I write this post!

Sorry – just got noisy and required intervention!

OK – the De-cluttering Stakes (As of today!):


Red Bird Sock kit for September (I haven’t knitted any yet!) a mosaic sock using Jo Sharp Silkroad

2 balls gorgeous sock yarn from Donyale
4 balls of Blue Schepeswol from Good Yarn Karma

400 grms Touch DK wool

100 gr Touch boucle mohair in copper, browns etc

100 gr Touch brushed mohair

The red shoes
3 bras
1 wrap cardi from Op-shop
Some kids stuff from Op shop
6 gorgeous large crystal beads – op-shop


6 Bags kids clothes sold on ebay
1 crappy video – (rubbish)
2 balls sock yarn – ebay
1 large bag stuff to Lifeline
1 Nightie –gift
Bottles and jars – recycled through local veggie shop
1 bag kids shoes –gift
Book – Gift
4-5 pattern books for Taph! (posting today!)

I’m going to say that I’m slightly in front again this week, but I’ve been a bit of a yarn pig! The next few weeks are likely to be better – the School Fete is in 6 weeks and I intend to donate LOTS to the white elephant and book stalls!

In other news, I won a voucher to the lovely Donni’s Knitpicks store, which I think I will use to expand my Options kit! Lucky me and even luckier Georgie – winning an Options kit – She’s over the moon!!

I would love to spend more time on Ravelry – at present I upload the odd (some VERY odd) photo to Flick’r and try to list that on Ravelry, but that’s about it – I do drop by to collect messages though!

The Accountant has weakened and given my (over)use of the Web has upgraded me to a 12 gig plan (hurrah). This is basically unlimited but slows after the first 12 gig every month – I can live with that!

Glorious spring day – spent some of my limited morning off in finally finishing the Squatty Sidekick (by sewing on a button) and I did some time in the ‘Green Gym’ raking up grass!

Back to the slaughterhouse – I will make pizza tonight which allows for cold pizza lunches for the next day or so – and cool the fevered brow of my first born. I will also wait for the Accountant to get home so I can pour my first glass of the good stuff. Cheers!


Georgie said...

Yay for increased download limits! (and sensible Accountants giving into the inevitable LOL).

Hope the Princess is back in form soon.

catsmum said...

My DD has responded to our mutual problem with putting awards in the sidebars, so I'm quoting straight from her comment on my blog:

The One and Only Nadie said...

Re: putting your awards in the sidebar - Goto manage: layout from the dashboard page or template/ page elements. Click 'add a page element' in the sidebar section and 'picture'. You can leave the title and caption blank if you just want the pic on its own. Once you've saved it you can drag the different page elements around into the order you want.

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

Congrats on the voucher from the KnitPicks store. Shhhhh...I've just made an order from them. I'll really have to up the outs the week the order arrives.

Hope the Princess feels better soon.

MadMad said...

Your "ins" look beautiful! Can't wait to see what you make! Hope the Princess if feeling better soon...

kms said...

oooh boucle, are you going to do socks with that? i did a scarf with some NZ naturally boucle and it was hard to knit but looks great!

Bells said...

you so needed that increased limit. It was painful watching you suffer.

Raven said...

It's a good idea to use Ravelry sparingly. It has been known to consume people.

Hope the Princess gets well soon.

Thanks for the recipes. If you think of anything else to do with apples, just let me know. I have 12 large boxes of apples in my home at the moment with twice that coming soon.

Kate_knits_a_bit said...

Oh, pretty yarns!
Glad you've got more internettability - talking about yarns and stitches with no pics must have been so hard on your teeth (all that gnashing and grinding) - tell the Accountant that this way you'll save on dental bills!