Saturday, September 8, 2007

Warning: Fatuous Motherhood Statements Ahead

What can I say? I have the cutest kids in the world! This morning, Princess did not wake until 8.30am (go on, other mothers – hiss with jealousy, especially when I tell you that Destructoboy did not wake until 10.00am and they were both in bed asleep by 7.40 last night!). I currently have a really sore back (I think I must sleep like a pretzel) so sweet Princess snuggled up for cuddles, then she and the Accountant went downstairs – I staggered down to the bathroom and was about to insert myself into the shower when the Accountant burst in and told me to get back into bed NOW!

The Princess had made me toast, spread it, cut it and made the pieces into a butterflies (we do this in our house – ‘Look a boat – a dog etc), and carried it up on a tray (well the Accountant carried it up the stairs and Princess did the flat sections) with a card she’d made. I was so impressed!

Today she’s going all out to be as wonderful as possible. Helped make Destructoboy’s lunch, got herself dressed in clothes she picked out (don’t ask), sweet, sweet, sweet!

So how come half the time she’s the exact opposite? A mystery on the cosmic scale!

Now, Kate is responsible for the ‘In’ items this week – because of her mentioning this, I immediately had to look, so I bought the latest Vogue Knitting (I don’t usually Vogue, but goodness – have you SEEN this issue) – I want to knit probably 10 things from it right now, now, NOW!

And it’s got very interesting interviews with the old guard and the new (I only buy it for the articles, honest). And because I saw the Vogue, I also got the Creative Knitting – hopeless – all the spine of an ice cream cone, that’s me!

I have, however, sorted all the children’s clothes, so, more for Lifeline etc. I even sorted some of mine. I managed to buy only what was on the list at the supermarket yesterday and put on blinkers while walking past everything except the news-agency (see above).

I’m attempting to rationalise the pantry. We have a walk-in pantry, and I worry we will all starve if it’s not full. I have finished playing freezer lotto for a while – I actually know exactly what’s in there and it’s all labelled – though freezer lotto definitely had it’s fun side! Ahh, the anticipation of having no idea what you’d pulled out for dinner until it had thawed! Luckily, I’m pretty sure my freezer has no tripe or liver hiding down the sides.

Tomorrow is the official start of school holidays (the first weekend doesn’t count), so a degree of rattiness lies ahead. Juno’s first sleeve is up to the armhole, so I hope to get the shaping finished tonight. I think there’s ironing to be done also, so I’m unlikely to get the second sleeve cast on – the collar keeps getting closer though.

So, on the to-do list are the Polyglot socks (again), the Happy Clappy KAL, and I think I have to make Black Dog’s glorious swing jumper again (and probably again and again), but this time in Silk Garden. I washed it yesterday (really don’t ask – but check Jejune’s post about dangly scarves) and realised that I wear it and wear it and wear it and love it to bits, so another one is definitely the go – and it’s a 2 week knit (for me – 16 hours for real people). What could be better?

Thanks for all your advice re photos – it obviously is an Australian problem that they take forever, so while I can’t make them faster, I’ll take Rosered’s advice, and just do something else while I wait!


Georgie said...

The Princess is clearly buttering you up for the school hols ahead! Seriously though, how sweet.

A swing jumper in silk garden sounds stunning.

MadMad said...

Well now I'm just curious. What the heck happened to your jumper?!

Raven said...

Breakfast in bead with butterfly toast. How delightful.

Donna Lee said...

Makes you nervous when they are angels, doesn't it?