Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I've got the Clap, too! The Happy Clap, that is!

I’m in! I’m in!! I finally got my Ravelry invite this morning (when all my broadband for the month has gone – but DON’T tell the Accountant!)!

I’ve registered and Firefoxed and Flickr’d. I’ve added some of you as my friends (please don’t be upset if I haven’t added you yet – I will). I haven’t yet toured Ravelry or uploaded anything because I’m much too dazzled by the colour and movement! (Oooh – sparkles … Oh pretty stuff……. ) Excuse me – got a little sidetracked there!

I can see, that like puppies, kittens and babies, Ravelry has an enormous potential for time wasting. (Like I’ve got SOOOO MUCH time and I can afford to waste it.) But what’s a girl to do?

In addition, I’ve become a flirt – a flibbertigibbet (I’ve ALWAYS wanted to put that in a sentence!). I am officially a lightskirt. – I cast on for my Happy Clappy last night (joining Georgie in the KAL). I had a really bad back ache and really didn’t feel up to concentrating on Juno, so I cast on – and I can really see the appeal.

But I’m afraid that this is merely the beginning of a downhill slide in my moral knitting purpose! Last night just before sleeping I was thinking that it wouldn’t be such a bad thing if I were to cast on for another pair of feather and fan socks – I could make them in Happy Spider’s Pink Grapefruit colourway, and I love my others so much and they wouldn’t take long……

I can see I need to put a little more monogamy in my life. 2 WIPs is OK – 1 complex, one for travelling. Even three – 2 as above and one simple largish project to work on when brain not up to …what? Sorry, didn’t catch that – too busy justifying myself. Where was I? Yes – and then maybe another simplish one – like feather and fan socks or another swing jumper.

It’s thin end of the wedge stuff, folks. So, despite my inner urgings, I’m taking a stand. No more WIPs until something is finished. Collar or Clapotis or socks – one has to be finished before another is on the needles. (Let’s see how long this zeal lasts!). I’m sure to be finished with something in a week (aren’t I?)

In other news, the Princess has headed off to her first ever sleep-over. She’s staying with a little local friend in a house she knows well. It has the added advantage of being very close in case there’s a 3am call for collection. She’s so keen on the idea that she packed her bag YESTERDAY, and despite going to the friends at 1pm was up AND HAD DRESSED HERSELF AND WAS POKING ME AT 7AM.

This is the girl who often resists getting dressed until lunchtime and had one memorable rainy day when she was still wearing last night's PJs when she went up for her night-time bath because her mother had given up the fight at about 2pm!

It will be strange – the night-time ritual of bath, stories and songs without my Princess.

It’s a big step, your first night away from home. Hope everything goes well – and not just because I don’t really fancy getting up at 3am!


Taphophile said...

Oooh, Tink, you're in!

Good luck with the startitis and the sleep-over; why do they have to grow up?

amanda j said...

I just cast on a Clapotis too! This is my second and so far it is going well.

Sleepovers never become easy, I hate to tell you. My daughter is 14 and I still worry like mad.

I added you as a friend! Welcome to the madness!!

Bells said...

yay for Ravelry! Yay for being Clappy Happy!

Georgie said...

How exciting, youre in! Have fun - hopefully I'll be there soon too.

Can't wait to see how the Clappy's coming along...

Rose Red said...

Yay for Ravelry and clappy's and casting on new stuff!

2paw said...

Thewre are so many Claps about it is a veritable Applause!!!! Oh, it is hard to let go sometimes, but as long as your children come back, everything will be OK. You could ring her up and read her a story?? If I don't have 4 or 5 knitting things on the go, there is something wrong!!!

Jejune said...

Congrats on your Ravelering!

Ah, the first sleepover... a real step on the whole growing up process. I'm at the stage where Dotter has sleepovers at her boyfriend's place a few nights a week, and she's part of his family for days on end, and I MISS her. The upside is boyfriend also is part of OUR family now, and has sleepovers here a few nights a week, and we love him :) You can really see them starting to be their own couple, and becoming more separate from their families. It's all good.

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

The last thing that I need to do is cast one something else.....people would you stop tempting me. I'm a weak woman and can't handle all this pressure.

To answer your question....we eat with our hands and put our elbows on the table.

Raven said...

I'm glad you got into ravelry, it's well worth the wait.

Don't worry, startitis is usual this time of year, and it is made all that more pungent by the fact that you now have ravelry. Hang in there, you'll do fine.

Carolyn said...

Ravelry can be so overwhelming at first. I got in just a couple weeks ago and I just about had a melt down trying to figure out what to do.

Three WIPS? I have about ten at any given time. I'm impressed that you're strong enough to hold off the startitis.

MadMad said...

Congrats on Ravelry - I am still so far off I don't know if it will ever happen. (And still too afraid of what I'll do when it does!)

I remember my daughter's first sleepover - it WAS kind of weird to not have her around at bedtime... I have since gotten over it, though.