Thursday, August 23, 2007

What did you do with June?

Thanks for your lovely comments on the Turtle Walk socks everyone. Yes, Miss Spidey – your pattern was beautiful, very easy to follow, especially your good advice about the spread of stitches on the needles. These are my new favourite socks and are made in 2 50g balls of Jojoland Melody in colour Y45 (orange/purple?) from Yarns Online – one of my very favourite enablers. If you want to get hold of the pattern – put in some high level bribery or grovelling to Miss Spidey - it’s lovely and logical to knit and unfolds on the needles very nicely – I wore them all day yesterday and they felt lovely – the pattern nice and elastic too.

So last night I finally cast on Juno – from Rowan 40, in Rowan Aran colour Gables, a russet tweed. I intend to make it longer (to hide some sins that shouldn’t be seen – especially after 2 Caesars) with a small side split for that bit and slightly higher at the neckline. Besides – it’s fairly easy knitting for most of it – 2x2 rib and then the glorious cabled collar (my challenge). I expect to be moderately bored by the rib, but it is a glorious thing.

On another note, this year has rushed past. I can’t believe that it’s September next week – the first day of spring is just around the corner. More seriously, I seem to be missing June. Now, I don’t want to point any fingers, but if any of you have 2 Junes – especially one which is almost untouched, I’d like it returned please. If you’ve ‘borrowed’ an extra June, I won’t ask any questions. No names, no pack drill.

I’ve noticed this ‘disappearing’ of whole months a lot more in the last few years. I look back on the year and realise that one, or even two, months have gone missing. I strongly suspect that people with real and interesting lives have been abstracting my months to augment their own ration. If this is you, then stop. It affects me very badly when I suddenly realise that I’m missing them and I’m staring down the barrel at Christmas with no memory of how I got there.

Speaking of Christmas, (what! We were – I distinctly remember it), I need to get some more knitting organised – Now how did you know I was going to say that! Last year was dishcloths – so I can’t do that again until NEXT year. I need to get a wriggle on with the adjusted Squatty sidekicks and maybe some wrist warmers. I visited Donyale the other day and fell in love with Gaby, but I think the time investment is greater than I’m willing to commit to, just now.

There are so many things I want to knit, that I’m really looking forward to knitting that there really aren’t enough hours in the day. (Or enough money in the piggy bank!). I’m eyeing off Bella from Knitting daily as a late spring knit – in Bendigo cotton – how nice. And there’s still the Kauni Cardi and my Noro. I’d really like to make it into a silk garden jacket/cardi of some kind – waiting for that to take shape in my mind. And then there’s the rest of the stash. To say nothing of all the socks. Oh my.

And in between times, I think I’ll find an answer to world peace, get fit and re-discover my girlish figure (ha!), be a perfect mother, develop my cooking skills, write a novel and work on my PhD.

Excuse me while I escape into fantasy land – or just go and get lunch for the munchkins.


Georgie said...

When you find your June, can you just have a quick look around for my May? I have often suspected in recent years that someone is just nicking a week or so out of each month. Actually I'd be relatively OK with a missing month if someone could find a way to put a few extra hours into the space between midnight and 4am. Now that would be nice - extra sleep. Excuse me while I run off screaming into the night at the thought of geting ready for Xmas!!

Rose Red said...

Christmas. Am currently trying to decide whether I am going to bother with Christmas knitting this year...Have two projects which are definites, but am just not sure about others. If only I could find the first six months of this year, I'd be fine!!

2paw said...

I seem to have gone straight from Autumn to Spring. The older you get the quicker the months seem to disappear!!! Bella is really nice!!
Hope The Accountant cooked something nice for tea last night from Delicious!!!

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

Missing a whole month??? wow you're good I've only been able to lose a week at most....

Kate_knits_a_bit said...

I'm not sure I recognise the month you're referring to - I only just realised that I missed August.....
As for Chrissy knitting - still working on things from last Chrissy!! ;{
Have fun with Juno - the collar looks just sumptuous!!