Monday, August 13, 2007

In sickness and in occasional health

My goodness. I had anticipated a relaxed and quiet day, drifting gently into writing a posting for my blog, perhaps undertaking one or two not too strenuous jobs on my 3 hours off, but alas, it was not to be!

Firstly – the men came to collect the fridge (5 hours EARLY – is this a record?) only to discover that it had spontane3ously recovered, and should no longer need major surgery. I am not entirely convinced of its wellness, so I have stuffed a thermometer in a glass of water and placed it in the middle shelf – just in case. I will see how cold it gets over the course of the day.

Then, during my perusal of, I discovered some lovely, lovely jumpers and a very nice pair of socks I hadn’t noticed before. I was actually there for the Clapotis pattern, which I keep looking at and hadn’t yet down loaded – but inspired by the talented Rose Red, I decided to do something about.

Georgie tagged me for the recipe exchange, so I sent off my recipe (quick name drop) to Barbara Coddington - if not a Yarn goddess, then certainly a Yarn demi-goddess. Quick further skite here (now that’s a word you don’t hear too much these days) I sent her the recipe which got me into the ABCs ‘Home Cooked’ cookbook last year.

Then I had to race off and collect Destructoboy from child care and shortly after returning from that, I received the dreaded CALL FROM SCHOOL. This invariably means that disaster has struck, in some form. Either (like last time) you child has had a fall and requires an immediate trip to emergency because they have suspected concussion, or they’ve thrown up everywhere, or (this hasn’t yet happened but I dread the possibility) they’ve found nits in your child’s hair and they must be immediately removed from school. Princess only attends 2 days per week and I’ve already had 2 calls. This is number 3.

Today it’s suspected conjunctivitis. Great! I have a GP apppintment shortly, have arranged to drop off Destructoboy at the Accountant’s office and take her to the no doubt extended wait at the GPs rooms. Can’t really take knitting as I’ll no doubt need to read to daughter – or at least be publicly seen to display parenting skills – dammit!

Speaking of knitting, I finally finished the first Turtle Walk sock and it looks just lovely. The whole has done Spidey’s design justice and I would have cast on for sock 2 immediately, except for the fact that I had to start a rather belated birthday present – the Wrist Warmers in Silk Road ‘Eden’. I’ve done to the end of the thumb opening and will finish that one tonight and hopefully get most of the second one done tonight.

The recipient is a non-knitter who nonetheless appreciates knitting – she is a mad gardener – so wrist warmers are likely to come in handy!

Gotta go – photos tomorrow – providing the Accountant hasn’t noticed that I’m over my broadband allocation again (with 8 days of the month to go!)


Bells said...

Ugh. Conjunctivitis. Never fun.

Looking forward to seeing your turtle socks!

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

I once had a call from school, they told me that my son was coughing so hard, he was turning blue. So I had to drive 30 minutes to go get him...he looked perfectly fine when I got there....grrrrr....instant recoveries (the moment I show up) really ruin my day.

Georgie said...

Ah, yes, the Call From the School (or Childcare in my case) throat always closes when I hear "It's such-and-such from childcare..."

That fridge is playing with you, girl, keep an eye on it! It will be plotting behind your back with the dishwasher and before you know it they'll have the vaccuum cleaner in on it....aplliance anarchy is just around the corner.

Now, speaking of the clapotis - I need a definite kick up the behind to get started on one, so how about a little KAL? I dont have the yarn yet (more procrastination) but nothing like someone else stanidng there, tapping a foot, to help me make a decision!

MadMad said...

It's always those days you plan on "enjoying" that turn around a smack you, isn't it? Hope your daughter is OK and that the wait at the doctor's wasn't too long! (I cracked up about the part about why you can't bring your knitting there - it's true! All the moms are on full-job-alert at pediatrician's, reading, playing peek-a-boo and otherwise engaging their kids instead of just doing what we'd like to do, which is say, "here. Take him. Fix him. Let me know when you're done." Can you imagine?)