Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Unfit Mothers and Approaching Spring

Spring is definitely almost here. Maybe. Certainly just around the corner. If it wasn’t for the frost last night today would have been a pearl of a day.

Social interaction day for mum – we went to play group, which means getting together with other mums and chatting, while our little dears play – or tear each other limb from limb - depending on the age group, the audience and the desirability of the toy involved.

Luckily, being a beautiful day meant lots of outside play, so I could stand around ‘supervising’ them, while actually knitting my travelling sock (blue faux fairisle Patonyle), and occasionally saying ‘No’, Well done’, or ‘STOP THAT!’.

I tuck the ball into the wrap over bit of my Lift and Separate, and knit furiously, got the cuff and some leg done today.

Last night I almost finished the Turtle Walk socks – one more pattern repeat and the toe and we’re outta here! They look just beautiful. New broadband allocation tomorrow so you can see pictures – and just for Rose Red I will include some of the shoes!!

Even ordered my Happy Clappy KAL yarn (A-maizing from Ecoyarns), so I’m feeling ready to go. Mind you, I was seduced by the fact that silk was on sale so I ordered some of that too – I’m a lost cause – really I am.

I felt slightly better when I read the Yarn Harlot’s post today, at least about the WIPs – with just 2 pairs of socks, I am way behind her WIP level. But Juno beckons, so at least I have 1 ball – hand rolled, so it’s a ziplock candidate. I also won some Knitpicks DPNs on ebay – in a 2.5mm – which the LYS doesn’t stock so I’m feeling waaaaayyyyy ahead of the game.

Kids are being kids today – so there’s been an awful lot of following them around cleaning up messes – including THAT sort of mess – so I’ll be very pleased to have a glass or so of something alcoholic tonight. Dinner’s almost certainly sausages, new Kipflers and broccoli – cooked while I read the gourmet delights I COULD be cooking from the new Delicious.

Tomorrow I’ll make something more exciting and worthy of respect.

I’ve decided that I am an unfit mother. I’m so unfit I pant when I run up a bill. So I’ve decided to work on becoming fitter. This means walking – not being nicer to the children! It’s always been well known I’m a completely unfit mother that way – Fiona O’Loughlin is my role model for motherhood – except for the ciggies – gave them up long ago and have no intention of starting again – just the wine, humour, and lack of respect for modern parenting methods – that’s what I like about her!

Drunken unfit mothers of the world unite!!! You have nothing to lose but your dignity!


Jejune said...

LOL to all of the above! I love Fiona O'Loughin's parenting style too. I reckon any night there's a meal on the table is a good night - sausages or whatever. Sometimes it's tinner tomato soup. It's all good!

It's bloody cold here in Canberra today - look like snow clouds of all things, and windy. So much for Spring. The blossoms are peeking out, though, so there is hope.

I'm very very tempted by Ecoayrns too - no, don't encourage me, I'm a lost cause too! Looking forward to seeing how your turtle walk socks turned out :)

Rose Red said...

Fiona O'Loughlin - me too!! Except that I don't have kids, I could so be her!!

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

My son tells me that I'm not a mean mommy, so I'm clear on that point....but I'm so with you on the unfit part of motherhood....care for a walk- along, just to get us started? We'll add the knitting later for a knitting-while-you-walk-along.

Kate_knits_a_bit said...

Fiona ROX!!! "We're committed parents - committed to keep having babies until we get one we like" ROFLMAO when I saw that one!!!
Hey, last night I was watching the clock for A WHOLE HOUR waiting for 6pm so I could pour 'just the one!' from the Banrock cask!!!! We had freezer leftovers, the kids had fishfingers, animal pasta, carrots, cauli and cucumbers ( the theme was unintentional) - I think doing sausages, which involves washing up afterwards, is a stellar effort!!!
And my delicious. arrived yesterday - peas and salmon en croute, anyone?