Thursday, August 2, 2007

Procrastination and Domesticity

I am the queen of procrastination.

It was a well known fact at University, that the only time my house was ever immaculate was when I had assignments due. In fact, the more assignments I had due and the more urgent they were, the better my house looked. Friends would drop over, look around and say ‘Gosh TB, if we’d known you had assignment deadlines, we wouldn’t have come in’.

I have to tidy the house, vacuum all major areas, clean the kitchen, do the washing up and make a birthday cake and cupcakes. I also have to decorate and ready the house generally for a party and attentions of 10 five year old and their parents.

So I’m writing a blog entry.

I’m very cross with the Knitting Daily. The squatty sidekick pattern is wrong, wrong, wrong!

I’ve been through it and through it – the stitch counts bear absolutely no relationship to what is actually happening on the needles – overall in the pattern, and especially on the handles and flap – I have emailed Knitting Daily to point this out and had no response. How can you have 3 sts on your needles, S1, K2otg K7, SSK, K1? Not possible!!!

So I made it up – this is what it looks like unfelted.

I will felt it on Sunday and see how it works. Have a look at the pattern – go to Knitting Daily, look at the patterns – or search their patterns under ‘Amanda’ ( I’m having broadband usage issues again)

Tell me what you think – even better, tell me AND tell Knitting Daily.


Jejune said...

Very cross-making about the wrong pattern :/ Your solution seems to look pretty damn good, though!

Good luck with the procrastination - how are the cupcakes coming along? :)

Kate_knits_a_bit said...

Okay, blogger ate my comment. The gist: with you on procrastination; haven't tried the sidekick yet; avagoodweegend, everybody!

Georgie said...

How annoying! Can't wait to see how it felts up though.

Hope the procrasintation and party-prep went well! I'm soooo with you on that! If procrastination was my phd topic, I would've finished years before I *actually* did!

Happy Birthday to the Princess too!