Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Return to Sickbay

It’s been General Hospital around here lately. Yesterday was the call and in keeping with repairmen arriving 5 hours early, our doctor’s appointment was actually ON TIME!

I only had to pretend to be Wonderparent for around 5 minutes, and in the surgery itself – remarkable! Of course, the doctor wasn’t on for having to put drops in the wriggling Princess’s eyes every 4 hours – was he?? – nononono!!

Georgie has suggested a Clapotis KAL. Me – I think it’s a great idea – we’ll work out details at some point – it sounds like we both have a tiny procrastination gene in our make-up, so maybe we can errrrrr ‘encourage’ each other! I somehow don’t think I’ll be making it in the 4 skeins of Lion and Lamb suggested, so we’ll need to consult with the experts about appropriate substitutes (for appropriate please read ‘inexpensive or already in stash!’). By the way – Experts means you lot! RoseRed, what did you do your first one in?

Have you noticed that the Fall Interweave is meant to be out – I shall now harass the local post office on a frequent basis until it arrives – they have some very nice sock patterns on the website though (another load of download – maybe I should sneak that in while the Accountant is post-operative).

Yes, that’s the other General Hospital moment. The Accountant is having day surgery (read - the local health system is in too much disarray to actually admit you for this procedure, and we haven’t yet received the Prime Minister’s promised 45 million dollar pork barrel, sorry, election bribe, no sorry, what came over me, ummm ‘well considered assistance to the state’s health care sector and addressing of community concerns over the down-grading of the local hospital). Mind you, we’ll take the money to keep our local hospital functioning at a reasonable level – it serves around 70,000 people, so you would think we might need it.

So I took him in and watched him wheeled out toward the operating theatre. He was wearing a rather dashing hospital gown – very demure – my gowns for both C-sections seemed to be very open down the back, displaying areas of me to the world which I have worked quite hard to keep covered in mixed company for many years. His actually overlapped and tied at the side – how unfair is that.

At least I got to laugh at the paper pants – they only come in three sizes, - large, vast and hilariously enormous. Pregnant ladies and the Accountant get Hilarious! My turn to laugh uproariously at the great unsexiness of paper underwear!!

I go to pick him up in a couple of hours. My wonderful Stepmother (the Wonderful Step Mum) is minding children and staying the night in case I need assistance.

Friday is my own GP appointment (the wonderful pap smear) so despite the fact that the household generally go years between appointments with our local medical centre 3 out of 4 family members have required medical assistance in 4 days!

All I need is for Destructoboy….. Nope, not going to say it – that’s just asking for trouble. I’ll pack the knitting – Knitting while husband is post-operative is OK – groggy people need no amusing – a quiet domestic presence should qualify me for wifely sainthood!

As the house will turn into a convalescent home tomorrow, there will probably be no update on health and temper until Friday (my temper will probably be somewhere between ‘hair-trigger’ and ‘hellfire’ by then, but we’ll see).

In the meantime, I will try to keep him from noticing how much broadband I have used until – oohhh Monday or Tuesday should do! You might even get photos by then!


2paw said...

On time???? It's a miracle on a par with the whole walking on water thing!! I am so used to spending half my life waiting in doctors' waiting rooms that I knit and awful lot of socks there!!
I had day surgery and I only had to have large size paper pants!!! This just makes me think of Smack the Pony's 'Pink Pants' sketch!!!
Hope everyone has a healthy weekend!! Have you heard the Olympic style Hospital back pedalling from The Federal Government?? It was obviously a pig too far!!!
Oh I made my Mini Cup'o'Tea, as I like to call it, in Noro Silk Garden!!! Yummy!!!

Georgie said...

LOL at the humungous surgery pants! Hope all goes well surgery-wise. And recovery wise. And sanity-wise. Blessed be the wonder step-mothers!

I have a few suggestions re yarns for a clappy - will email!

Jejune said...

Hope all the recovery goes well for ALL concerned ... I spend so much time in hospital and diabetes clinic and doctor's waiting rooms that I have a special 'medical' knitting bag (generally an easy pair of socks, or a scarf).

The Clapotis KAL sounds like a good thing. I haven't made one so can't offer advice on yarn. Check out Shaz's blog, she's done a couple, and may have suggestions.

I've just found the Interweave Felts special issue, but not the Knits issue yet... can't be far behind!

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

Okay, I'm almost ashamed to admit it. Paper Pants...I laughed....A LOT.
General Hospital eh???? Any George Clunney type doctors running around...no wait wrong show....:)

MadMad said...

Wow - that's some week, right there. Hope it all goes OK for everyone! (But could you post us all a picture of the paper panties? That could be fun.)