Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Conscience and Unconsciousness

Children and the deluge - for your delectation.

Okay. I know I shouldn’t have done it. For once I’m not talking about buying yarn – or putting things on the credit card. Or opening another bottle of wine. Or even exceeding my broadband allocation (I HAVE to increase my plan). I shouldn’t have done it.

But I was so sick of the whining and complaining. I was tired of the whinging and sulks. I was also tired of spending the entire day dealing with wee and pooh in one form or another. I was just plain tired.

In my defence, it’s been nearly 4 (yes that’s right, FOUR) years since I have had an unbroken nights sleep. I am very lucky to get four hours of unbroken sleep, and it’s usually not even that.

I can’t remember the last time I slept from bedtime at 11 or 12 till 7am without waking up 3 or 4 times, and usually taking hours to get back to sleep.

I’ve never been a big sleeper. I used to be able to get by on 3-4 hours a night for months and months and then I’d get sick and sleep for 36 hours nearly straight. I’ve never been able to sleep in – even as a teenager. To me, sleeping in is getting up at 8am. I used to be known (when young and single) to get up, get papers and coffee and return to bed with a pile of newspapers and cup of coffee, but that wasn’t SLEEPING.

The number of times I would go out, get home at 6, sleep for an hour and then go to work were legion. The scary part was that I would DO IT AGAIN THE NEXT NIGHT! And sometimes the night after, as well.

But since I’ve had children I really, really need more sleep. It might also have something to do with getting older, but I’m not mentioning that. And I don’t get sleep. First it was pregnancy. Then it was breast feeding – then before I stopped breastfeeding number 1 it was pregnancy again. Then it was pregnancy and breastfeeding – then just pregnancy then breast feeding again for a bit over 2 years then it was a child who used to wake up in the night. And if it wasn’t one, then it was the other. Then it was Accountant snoring. Then it was children and the Accountant and a cough. So I haven’t slept through the night for nearly 4 years.

Some days I just get a little unglued when I’ve had a really bad night. But that’s no excuse.

On a lighter note, I finished the gorgeous Turtle Walk socks and they are absolutely beautiful (even if I do say so myself). Tonight I start Juno, and the next exciting socks will be Polyglot (the Return – with corrections). When the Yarn arrives, it will be Happy Clappy with Georgie and Rosered (who has probably given up on us and started her laceweiught clappy but because it’s laceweight and we’ll be working DK we might catch up though due to children our knitting time is limited). And the travelling socks.

Here, just for Rosered are the shoes from my great day.

So, just because I had no exciting knitting on the needles I was cranky. And I had no sleep (see above) And I was sick of the moaning and whining and whinging and complaining – and then the children chipped in – so I shouted at the Accountant.

Tonight he can damn well cook the dinner.


happyspider said...

oooh i know about the sleep deprivation. not that i have any decent excuse.. beyond insomnia. but its a biatch, aint it?
and your turtle walk socks are GORGEOUS! i am so proud! Squee!! was the pattern clear enough do you think? would you suggest any changes? have a happy day :)

Rose Red said...

The socks look great - and as for the shoes - well, I would TOTALLY have bought those wedges. And the red and black - perfect for showing off the handknit socks!

Gee, I thought you were going to say you sent the kids to bed without dinner, or you smacked them or something. Shouting at the Accountant. If I felt guilty about a little shouting, I'd never be happy!! (not that I'm a harpy or anything!)

Kate_knits_a_bit said...

There is a rule in our house - the hubby shall cook once per week, said meal consisting of 1 protein and at least 3 veges, not purchased from any fastfood outlet but made from (more or less) scratch. I do the baths, teeth and bed that night, and the change of routine, while not as good as a holiday, is still a nice change. He who does not like it does not get fed. I win.
And I'm not looking at those socks. It's too dangerous. Do you have any idea how many socks patterns I have saved in my knitting folder? Stop making life difficult by knitting fabulous socks and blogging them. It's not fair.
(glad you've got your broadband allocation!! nice pix)

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

Ahh what mother has been there and gone over the edge. I know mothers who have gone over the edge for much less so consider yourself a woman of strong fortitude.
Job well done on the socks. I love knitting it gives me something to look forward too after a day with my kids.

Donna Lee said...

One of my children didn't sleep through thenight for almost 2 years. I tried everything but she had to do it in her own sweet time. I remember being so tired I could just scream. I don't know how we get through it but somehow we do.

2paw said...

Sleep deprivation is a form of torture. You are lucky shouting is all you had to resort to!! Hope you find some repose soon. Thank you for the watery photo. All the water that was flooding in the photo I took last week had disappeared in 2 days. There was an uprooted tree from I don't know where left in the middle of the grass!!
What beautiful socks. The pattern and the colours are lovely!!!
Truly I am glad I have Labradors: they sleep anywhere, anytime, anyhow!!!! I think they're sleeping now!!