Monday, August 6, 2007

This is all your fault

Right, you lot!

Immediately stop being so interesting! Stop having funny things to say and making wonderful knitted things and living interesting lives – stop it immediately!

Stop knitting in public and making beautiful, enviable garments and shawls and socks and scarves and other bits and pieces! Stop it this minute!

You’re making your blogs all so interesting that I have to stop by to check on you every day – and I’m only 2 weeks into this month’s broadband allocation and I’ve already used 75% and it’s all YOUR FAULT!

If you lot weren’t such wonderful, interesting and fun people, I wouldn’t be in this situation – again!

I think I need a new plan – at least as far as the broadband goes, anyway.

So, I’m not going to check on any of you till Friday – OK, maybe Thursday. I’ll have to store it all up. I’ll expect knitterly progress reports on shawl and socks and scarves and lace and jumpers and other stuff to be on your blogs then. And then I’ll ooh and ahh and tell you how clever you are and wish I had unlimited (but very fast) broadband like they do in cities.

I also promise to tell you more about the animals who have shared my house – not all of them came to bad ends – many just died of old age after doing extremely weird and bizarre things throughout their lives with us – like the orphaned calf, Claude Hopper (go on – say it aloud – he always trod on our feet in his eagerness to get at the bottle), who my father wasn’t ever allowed to sell, and died of old age, a fat and sooky steer. He was always so tame that even when he grew up and went back into the cattle herd, he’d let me ride him.

Or Ajax, the Hereford bull who loved nothing better than people feeding him apples and curling his fringe. He once treed my grandmother (the Welsh one, Nain) up an apple tree for 3 hours as he circled around underneath while she was picking apples. She was scared of him, and started throwing apples to make him go away. Unfortunately it had the opposite effect – he thought she was feeding him – eventually we heard her plaintive cries and rescued her by luring Ajax away – with an apple!

He was much more interesting than his successors, Bearable, Capable, Disreputable, Effable and Gullible. Go on – say them aloud too. The liking for puns is an appalling family trait.

So, I’m not going to tell you about any of these. You’ll just have to wait.

I’m not even going to tell you about my lovely parcel that arrived yesterday – 6 skeins of Noro Blossom and 500gr of Silk Road in a really dark green (another swing jumper?).
You’ll just have to wait. So there. Now go back to doing interesting stuff. I’ll pop in and see what you’re doing later in the week.


Jejune said...

LOL, you poor thing. Yes, you definitely NEED broadband, and unlimited time, and no pesky chores or kids to bother you, and...! Will do my best to be dull and boring for a while ;)

Love the bull names, BTW. Very silly.

Hurry back!

Bells said...

I bet you don't make it til Thursday!

Don't bother looking at my blog. It doesn't have any interesting news on it.

Ajax! I love that story.

happyspider said...

well i'm a very blad blogger at the moment... and yet when i get around to it i need to post many photos! so, sorry about that..
you might also want to check your inbox for pansy sock yarn >.<

Georgie said...

I'll try and keep a lid on the excitment around here, LOL. But you certainly need to have a word with the Accountant about upgrading your plan - for the sake of your sanity! And for ours too - I enjoy reading your posts too much for you to go away for very long! Im sure he could find a way to tax deduct as a contribution to a knitterly charity or some such!

Rose Red said...

You'll (I hope) be pleased to know I have no updates this week, and won't be likely to until the weekend at the earliest!!

Need more broadband! Must get it now! You are too funny for us to miss out on!