Friday, November 2, 2007

How Many Shopping Days Till Christmas?

Well, those Saturdays just keep on rolling around, don’t they – how many Saturdays are left till Christmas (not counting today)? Six, that’s how many – six!

Now I mentioned my problem with times stealers before – so whoever has around 3 months of my year, confess now, and I’ll be lenient!

Yup, six Saturdays till Christmas – and only 1 till the school fair. On the other hand, that’s only 10 Saturdays until I get my first Blue Moon Fibre (sorry, Fiber) Arts Rockin’ Sock Club kit!!

That’s right – the RSC for 2008 will have me attempting to keep up with kit knitting! Given that my Sock club kit knitting performance has been fairly dismal to date (Red Bird kits: 3; Tinkingbell knitting said kits - 0 ), this may be a little bit of a challenge!

But I am very excited about this – given that I begged and pleaded with them for 6 months or so, sending ever more plaintive emails – think of me as a pity membership!

The other even more exciting news was my meeting with Ms 2Paw in the flesh (for some reason my keyboard had 3 tries at making that ‘in the fleas’!) She is, of course, absolutely lovely and remarkably kind and composed in the face of a full scale onslaught by the monsters – sorry, delightful small children. We chatted, chatted and chatted (see? A Yarn of knitters?), discussed books and dogs and slipped in the odd knitting related comment.

It was a lovely time and I hope to repeat the experience very soon. (She, of course, may not be so keen, given the general rambunctiousness of said children!). As an example of her graciousness, she had made presents for us – The Princess received a beautiful bag (she is still trying to find the perfect contents for it and had to be restrained from shoplifting to fill it), gorgeous chickens for Destructoboy, which he has decided to share with the Accountant, and a lovely (and sparkly) Christmassy sock project bag – who couldn’t love so talented a blogpal?

I also slipped into the Doomlight of Spot and overdosed ever-so-slightly on Anchor Magicline, which was $1.00 a ball (note to self – everyone gets dishcloths – again!)

Before bed last night (and especially due to a couple of hours of driving), I actually have 2 finished objects – one finished (but as yet unfelted) Buttonhole Bag (gift) and what I believed whiule I was knitting it, to be a dishcloth, but is actually, I am informed, a face washer for the Princess.

You really can’t pick it, can you? Sometimes objects just have their own destiny.


Taphophile said...

You are lucky ducks/chicks - what gorgeous gifts.

Anchorline for $1 is a VERY good buy. Just as well your princess likes it, really. :)

2paw said...

Didn't we have a luverly time etc etc!! I am inured to children's inappropriate behaviour, but yours were enthusiastically enjoying themselves and The Princess and DestructoBoy were excellently behaved. I think I made more noise than them. It was all very My Fair Lady- could have talked all day and night!!! So nice to meet you in the flesh, so to speak!!!!!
PS I have placed a hold on some of the books you mentioned!!!

Rose Red said...

Isn't it great meeting up with knitbloggers in real life! Yippee!

And you are very naughty...not only am I now the proud owner of a pair of shoes you might recognise, I am the proud owner of two pairs (well, different colours, but on sale!). And I may have to head to Sp*tlight tomorrow for some of that dishcloth cotton!

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

DH and I went out to do some Christams shopping last night. The two younger ones are a breeze to buy for...the teen on the other's a nightmare!!!!!

If I bought her a cage and gave her one of the babies...she'd be happy but I'd end up having to take care of it.

Congrats on the pity membership!!!

Amy Lane said...

Lovely gifts...and you have actually made me want to make a face-washer for my own princess. Which would probably double as a doll blanket.

MadMad said...

Yeah... but unfortunately the destiny of most of mine seems to be the Frog Pond...

Jejune said...

Oooh, you're so lucky to have met Ms 2Paw in real life! Isn't it cool when you meet other knit bloggers for the first time - it's like you already know each other :)

Really really Don't. Want. To. Know. about Christmas. La la la la la la la laaa. I can't hear you!!!

blackie said...

you just put the christmas jitters into me! I have been complaining about shops having decorations up but I guess it is pretty close. What the freak am I gonna make everybody??? Arrrgggh!!!

Donna Lee said...

I like a yarn of knitters best. We are a talkative bunch. I think it's lovely that you all down there get together and chat and knit. I can't think of a better way to spend an afternoon.

Nora said...

All I can say is: ONLY 6 MORE SATURDAYS...!!! Scary, very scary.