Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Benefits of Patience

What’s been happening at Casa Tinkingbell, you ask? Well not a great deal this week, is the answer. I’ve been travelling with dishcloths (tucked in the lovely bag for little projects given to me by the lovely Ms 2Paw), having a nice time knitting (then frogging and re-knitting) the swing jumper in Silk Garden. I must have rather expensive tastes, because I seem to love yarn which includes cashmere, silk, alpaca, or angora. It’s a good thing I haven’t actually laid hands on any qiviut or I’d be a completely lost cause.

The Silk Garden feels a little stiff on the hands while knitting, but makes such a gorgeous fabric and drapes so beautifully, and you just know it will soften on washing. The colours are lovely – I’m really looking forward to wearing this jumper.

I’m also planning my next Bendi raid – I intend to collect just a bit of stash before the sale ends, and there are one or two lovely things from the current Interweave I have my eye on. There are also, truth be told, things from the last 6 issues of Interweave which I want, but all in good time.

Ms Rosered has been having long distance telepathic effects on me – when I went to the supermarket (small local supermarket, not large national chain) I popped into the ladies wear section of the sister shop and ended up putting 2 pairs of shoes on layby). Very similar style and different colourways, but the last thing I should do!!

I am waiting for the new Knitpicks from Donyale. And for the election to be over. And for Christmas (once again, feel free to stick your fingers in your ears and go “Lalalalalalalala” is you are in a state of denial about that one). I’m waiting for the school year to end and for parties to begin. I’m waiting for holidays and summer and fresh berries and cherries and champagne and sunny days and beaches and barbies and feeling like sunshine and fresh air. And for picnics and excursions and summer clothes.

The de-cluttering continues:


1 pair of Rivers clogs for Princess
1 pr Rivers clog mary janes for me
5 balls yummy yarn (destined for gifts)
1 Interweave Knits
1 Yarn magazine (sob!)
10 balls of Kureyon from Hong Kong
2 small Christmas presents for Santa to give to kids at playgroup
Equipment for Christmas presents (no specifics)
1 book from the market

1 pair of elderly bathers (yup – the third pair gone)
1 bra - binned
3 more pairs of knickers, elastic gone, binned
1 pair elderly shoes
3 bags of stuff for Lifeline
2 more boxes of books (Fete- at the last minute!)
1 tea cosy, 1 ball yummy wool, 1 dishcloth, other assorted goodies (tea cosy swap)
2 boxes for Lifeline – 1 of crockery and 1 of kitchen stuff

1 top recycled for use as a pajama top
3 pairs of tights turned into pois for Princess by cutting the legs off and inserting tennis balls in the toes - the remains will be used for holding up tomato plants!
1 dress recycled to the dressing up box!
5 little bits of leftover fabric recycled for dollhouse curtains and sheets

Still more stuff going out than coming in, and more yet to go!!


Rose Red said...

Hee hee - look forward to seeing the new shoes!!

You are very good on the decluttering - might try and make a similar effort in the new year (which I am very looking forward to - 6 weeks' holidays! yay!)

Melinda said...

Thanks for your post on my blog! I am thinking of perhaps adding a plain panel down the side instead of unravelling (anything but that!) but I am not sure how to do it effectively!

Taphophile said...

Gee, I remeber that - waiting for the holidays.

You're going great guns on the 7 things. TSS and I are continuing through the summer - mostly because it's so very badly needed at my house.

Bells said...

RoseRed does rather have that impact, doesn't she? Bless her.

If you ever source some affordable qiviut, you let me know, you hear? I want some soooo bad!

Raven said...

Be careful with the Holiday knitting. You think you have it all done in time, then you discover there is another person, and another and another who also need knitted gifts.

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

Amen to Silk Garden...I just love the jumper, I made recently, with that yarn. I wore it to work and had many compliments.

Good job on decluttering!!!!

Amy Lane said...

I love your stash shot, btw...makes me feel not *quite* so embarrassed about the size of my stash!!! Go shoes--Ms. Rose Red waxes so poetically about her shoes that she might almost convert an old men's loafer devotee such as myself--if I didn't have obscenely large feet, that is!

catsmum said...

new shoes - gooooooood
now re yr comment on my blog - the photos were still there at my end [ sometimes blogger eats them ]
and as to the chrissie tree and destructoboy? well you can possibly imagine what it was like with david [ autistic son ] when he was younger. For several years we had the tree in the middle of the dining table - a 4 footer just fit nicely
I second what Bells said:Rosered is a great big bad influence in the best possible way :]

blackie said...

have just been doing some de-cluttering myself. Doesn't feel great?!