Thursday, November 8, 2007

Avoiding your Fete

Well, the In, Out, Shake it all about challenge is still going (I’m looking forward to Christmas, because there are likely to be far more ‘Outs’ than ‘Ins’ and I refuse to count anything that comes in as presents for the children, but in the interests of fairness I will count everything that comes in for me – I have a slightly unfair advantage here, being married to a man who is crap at presents. The Accountant is very busy and hates shopping – I received NO PRESENTS AT ALL FROM HIM FOR MY 45TH BIRTHDAY – nothing, nada, zip – This has remained on the score sheet since my birthday back in January and will remain an unspoken threat until and unless he redeems himself at both Christmas and my next birthday – and possibly for a decade or so afterwards).


Knitting patterns – a pile from my step mother – some may be passed on to a certain collector, but I’m not sure many are in good enough condition!
2 pairs trousers for me (op shop)
2 tops for me (op shop)
2 Knitting books (Vogue ultimate knitters book and Knitting on the edge – Yarns Online sale)
Package from Yarnbow (shhhh – it’s a secret)
Another package from the USA (Sssh)
1 Filati knitting mag (because it was there!)
1 pair shoes each for Destructo Boy and the Princess
2 DVDs (Desperate Housewives –ohh alright it’s a boxed set –picky, picky – and Bridge to Terebithia)
10 balls Anchor Magicline, 2 balls Jet, 1 10mm circ – Doomlight of Spot
3 presents – lovely 2paw
Present for sponsored child in Philippines
Some other Christmas related items which we will speak of later
DVD Veronica Mars series 1


3 boxes books
1 bag stuff for Lifeline
1 bag of WeeNees nappies – Lifeline
2 bags childrens clothes - sold on ebay
1 pair favourite shoes – binned (sniff, sob)
2 elderly pairs of bathers – mine – now binned (stretched, no longet even resembling my shape – not that there’s a lot to resemble!)
3 large bags of plastic bags – School Fete for packing

Not much here except for some cotton socks with holes which have become dusters. You put your hand inside and they’re great for corners and skirting boards – even better when damp!

We had the last Fete meeting last night and will spend Saturday setting up, Sunday at the Fete (starting at 7.30am – My Lordie!!) and today was Princess’s swimming lesson. Apart from one or two mad panics and related thrashing and screaming, she went very well.

I have pointed out to my co-workers on the Fete that I am not good at mornings. I think I have mentioned before that I am a bad sleeper. I have had very little sleep for the last 4 nights and I always seem to get my best sleep between about 6 and 7am. This hour is precious to me, and the thought of having to give up most of it for the shower – dress – make-up – breakfast ordeal that will be Sunday morning is a less than delightful prospect!

Once the Fete is over I will also have lost my main method of disposing of crap – sorry, of my de-cluttering operation. I’m rather concerned that I will also have lost the impetus – that I had to get boxes of stuff out of the house by a certain date. I hope not.

In knitting news, I have finished the fourth buttonhole bag and tonight will cast on for a tea cosy. If I get this finished in 2 evenings – which I hope I will, although I realise that this is tempting the Knitting Goddess, I will cast on my second secret sock (or possibly the Silk Garden Jumper depending on my mood!).

So much knitting, so little time!


Rose Red said...

Oh I know what you mean by mornings - I hate giving up my mornings for anything except a bit of quiet knitting time!

Nora said...

You brought back memories of my grandmother with that hand-in-sock cleaning method.


Taphophile said...

Oh my lord - two days of early mornings is not fair on a non-morning person (known in my family as slugabeds, but with love).

You've been going great guns on the 7 things. If the Accountant comes good for Christmas and birthday, those things should be exempt, too.

Best of luck with the fete. I'll be doing my bit by attending two on the weekend. Doesn't look good for my 7 things this week.

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

I saw the last quarter of Bridge to Terabithia on the trip home from Oz. I wanted to watch it all but the need for sleep took over.

I have since watched the movie....cried my eyes out at the end.

Good job on the outs...sigh... I'm afraid that I'm falling behind inb that department.

Amy Lane said...

Man, I sometimes think that if I could just sleep that same hour, I would be an entirely better person... (Have your kids reached the teenaged year? I just ask because by the time my almost 15 year old is done with his socks, I really think the recycling gods would forgive me if I picked them up with tongs and burnt them in the back yard with salt and yarrow to keep the demons away...)

MadMad said...

Can't wait to hear how today (Sunday) went! I have one week left till I'm "free." Anyway, hope the fete was successful!