Saturday, November 24, 2007

And the Country Goes To.............

Australia is like a brand new country today, and I am really tired. I’m glad Little Johnny is gone, I hated what he did to Australia. He took the worst facets of the Australian character and magnified them into ugliness. Our friendship with the USA was turned into an unholy alliance in Iraq, our pride was turned into the worst type of Jingoism, our self reliance into selfishness and our aspirations into greed. What was worse, he made those seem OK. He worked hard to deliberately do these things and worse, he wanted the electorate dumb and compliant, and with the help of the media moguls and commercial television, he got it.

I’m glad he’s gone, and I’m even gladder that he looks like losing his own seat, and being the second Prime Minister since Federation to do so. And for those who study history – Bruce, the Prime Minister in 1929 who lost his seat, also lost it over industrial relations – he tried to push through a constitutional amendment to get rid of the then Industrial Relations court and incipient commission and take the States’ Industrial powers. He lost the amendment, the election and his seat. Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it, eh?

I worked all day yesterday as an election official in charge of a polling booth. I work at a little school (60 students) in the country, with a fabulous principal and nothing but paddocks around. The school was having a working bee, a sausage sizzle and a cake stall. There were only 2 of us working in the booth, but lots of people around and kids playing. The booth is solidly Liberal, busy in the morning and at lunch time with farmers and workers and people dropping in on their way to sport and dancing. Same faces every time.

It’s 10 minutes from home (a good thing at 6.55 am for a 7am start!), it’s always quiet in the afternoon, and I always take my knitting and a book. I got lots of the swing jumper done, bought a carrot cake, some almond slice (yum!!) and some savoury pinwheels. The Accountant brought the kids up to visit and for a play and a picnic lunch. It’s a nice day – but very long. I got home around 9pm after the counting was finished and listened to the result in the car on the way home. It would be nice if the Greens hold the balance of power in the Senate – I wonder if they could still stop the pulp mill going through?

The swing jumper is coming along nicely, as is the second secret sock. I have Bella in a project bag ready for lift off, and have ordered a teensy bit of Bendi wool (sales don’t count, do they?). I have also ordered some Helen’s Lace for Juno Regina – which I predict will be the next Clapotis, in terms of meme knitting (think Clapotis, think Monkey Socks, think Fetching and Dashing). You heard it here first!


Pile of Top Kids magazines– Taph
Lots of kids clothes (attack of the Op-shops part 1,2 and 3)
2 tops for me
2 balls of Patonyle in a greeny sort of colour
4 balls of some Italian cotton that looked nice (it followed me home Mum, can I keep it?)
A big box from Lush – much of it for Christmas presents, lots for me – consider that I now have a year’s supply of soap, bubbles, shower jelly and gel and other bits and pieces
An apple spiral machine (for the kids, naturally)
A large gourmet cookware wok (gift from another de-clutterer)


Well, some gifts are ready to go – but they’ll go out next week and get reported at some future date
Tea cosy, 1 skein lovely yarn, 1 dishcloth, chocolate, tea and stuff (tea cosy swap pal)
Another 2 bags to lifeline
Another bag of Kids clothes on ebay

This was not a good week. I had an attack of the Oppies and ended up bringing in some stuff – mainly for children. There were sales at the up-market Red Cross shops this week, and the kids fared really well with designer clothes!

I ended up with 2 tops, and admit that I only really like one of them – so I am likely to re-cycle the second. I also bought a pair of gorgeous black linen pants which were to big for me, but they didn’t really touch down – passing through my hands and straight to another!

I have to go – I’m helping proof Amy’s latest book and have around 700 pages to go (in less than 2 weeks!!!!) No Pressure!!!


Taphophile said...

I went to bed a relieved voter last night - just wish I'd had the energy to go to the National Tally Room. As it was I managed to stay awake for Little Johnny's concession speech, just.

Gotta clothe the kids and you've got rid of so much lately. Sales at op-shops are just too good to turn down.

Melinda said...

I'm tired too... tired and excited. At last... new leadership! Thanks for your efforts in assisting this election process.

Georgie said...

Like Taph, I held out for JWH's concession speech, then crashed. But I crashed one very happy and relieved camper!

Im with you 100% on your first few paras - I am dismayed at the nation we have become. History will judge JWH - I hope!

Nora said...

On Bloglines, this post came up as: "And the Country Goes To... Tinkingbell"! So funny!!


Bells said...

nicely put Tink. Very nice.

I waited for Rudd's speech, even though I was dead tired and had a headache. It was worth it.

One year I'd like to work on a polling booth. Maybe next election.

Amy Lane said...

No--no pressure at all!!! (Laugh...just a little...laugh!!!!)

But your post gives me hope...we've had to live with "W" (which I truly believes stands for 'Wanker') for the last seven years while he's tripped the country just a little bit closer to Armageddon with every golf game. I'm sorry he got in bed with Little Johnny--I just hope they both got the clap! And good for you for manning the polls! Well done!!!!

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

Speaking as an outsider...I think that Australia is perfect and shouldn't change.....however I think that it is solely due to all of the amazing people I met while I was there.

But politically speaking change is a very good thing. I was hoping, in the last provincial election to get someone new in but the same old liar and cheat got in for a second term.

MadMad said...

Yay on the election's outcome! I'm so impressed you work the polls - we have the same set up on election days here (and I can't wait for that, let me tell you! We could also use a little change!) where the person works the entire daylong shift. It seems like an awfully long day!

2paw said...

I am so looking forward to a kinder, fairer, more inclusive, morally sound, ethical and honest country. No more WMDs or AWB or SivX or detention camps or never evers. I had a little happy cry!!!!
I love voting.
Sales don't count at all!! They are like broken biscuits or food eaten after midnight!!!

Donna Lee said...

Is it devious of Taph to give you some of her cast offs? That makes her out totals look good! I am jealous that you got to have your election and we have to wait a year. I was so glad to hear the outcome. Let's hear it for change and a breath of fresh air!

Shazmina Bendi said...

I have to say I was quietly confident, I had noticed a subtle change in the way the media was reporting about Labor this year & kept thinking maybe this is it!! Now comes the exciting bit, seeing what positives come out of the new government :)

catsmum said...

another happy voter here!
now as to yr question [ and I'm answering it here so the cats don't see it ]
on December 1 the feline members of the family get decorated too - with curly Missy, being the new cat, does not know what is coming !

frog ponds rock... said...

Hi I just found your blog Via Madmad.
So I am just here to have a hello..
cheers Kim (I'm a Tassie too)