Wednesday, November 26, 2008

One or two skeins or sock yarn.....


In the interests of nearly full disclosure here is……

Most of my downstairs sock yarn.

I say most, because it doesn’t include the 30ish packs I’ve made up, of paired pattern and yarn to make my very own sock club (sort of).

It doesn’t include downstairs WIPs, or some of the sock yarn which has been whisked away to become something other than socks (there’s a couple of scarves, a shawls and so on in this category).

It certainly doesn’t include the UPSTAIRS sock yarn, which is predominantly ‘commercial’ – that is – Patonyle, Miami, Regia, Arwetta, etc etc etc. There is some hand dyed/hand painted up there, but after collecting the downstairs stash together, I had to put my head between my knees and breathe deeply for a while.

So there it is.

Yet another guilty secret exposed.

More random stuff:

I should have mentioned that an Australian size 14 is around an American 10-12. Just in case our trans-Pacific friends didn’t appreciate the magnitude of my feat! (LOL)

Georgie’s system is still working – it’s just a pity I didn’t get organised this week to use it properly!

I went to the Princess’s last swimming lesson through the school today and was mightily impressed by all of them actually swimming the full length of the 17ish metre pool – 3 times!

I have finally (around 6 years after the rest of the world) finished watching the first series of 24. In case you’re wondering – it was great! I must try to catch the second series sometime before another 6 years goes past. Next on the list? The Sopranoes, Desparate Housewives, Dexter, and Lost. No, I haven’t seen any of those. I only saw my first episode ever of House about 2 weeks ago. I have missed all these because I loathe commercial television. I wish SBS still had the 5 minutes of commercials at the end of their programs. It was a decent length of time to make a cuppa, go to the loo or feed the cat.

I am itching to knit socks again. I have been stealth knitting on the Serendipity socks – the first kit from the Blue Moon Rockin’ Sock Club this year. I am nearly at the heel of the second sock. I think I may have enough sock yarn, just for a while.

Thanks you all for asking and for your good thoughts. The Accountant started treatment this week. He’s tired, but seems fine. He’s rather put out that he’s not allowed to lose any weight. I think he was rather hopeful of dropping a few kilos of cuddliness, but the dietitian has told him that’s a big nono!

I’ve been an insomniac for 37 years. I think it’s starting to catch up with me. Maybe I need more coffee.

That’s it for the moment – I hope to bring you some knitting next post.



Caffeine Faerie said...

Can I come frolic in your sock yarn? Just once?! I think I'm in love with the colours and the amount...

That's just. Wow. Awesome.

Anonymous said...

I think that other chick and I should hop a flight and come gather up your sock yarn and then mail it back to skein at a time!
We'd mail it back, truly we would ;P

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

I am ashamed of myself for several reasons:
1) for not keeping up with your blog
2) for not sending my good wishes for a speedy recovery and good health to you for the accountant
3) for thinking that I had a lot of sock yarn

Donna Lee said...

Wow. You could make socks for half of Australia and not have to buy any yarn.

And I wear a size 10 shoe (US). It was disconcerting to discover that I needed a 42 ! when I ordered some danskos. Nothing wrong with big feet.

gemma said...

Hi chick,
I have bookmarked this post, so when anyone says I have lots of yarn I can just point them at you. Thank you.

Thinking good thoughts to your Accountant.

(blogger verifying letters ... frcuck .. wtf?))

Rose Red said...

heh heh - my stash feels so much smaller now that I've seen yours!!

I also love how you have upstairs and downstairs stash. But shouldn't the good stuff be upstairs??!!

Still sending lots of hugs to you and the Accountant

kms said...

i love the way the picture is blurry so we cant actually see how much is REALLY there! thinking of you often xx oh and funny, my word verification is subra, which reminds me of my smashed up subaru which is STILL in the repairers...blogger seeks to mock me....

zephyrama said...

oh dear looks like the kids have left stuff all over the floor I can't see any stash.

blackie said...

oh my freaken god!!!!!! if there was a halocasut and you could survive on yarn i'd be knocking on your door!

MadMad said...

Oh, my LORD, woman! I'm having to put MY head in between my knees, too. DUDE!

I am very excited about a sock pattern book coming out in February - something something handpainted yarn socks by someone someone. It's about time someone came up with patterns that work with cool yarns instead of "wasting" them. She had a "free sample" pattern in the last IK Knits that looked pretty cool and I want to give a try.

frog ponds rock... said...

That really is a serious amount of beautiful wool...that reminds me that I should really do something about all the clay I have here just waiting to be recycled and re-thrown. But I have just started to make my own porcelain slip and it is working really well.
So my attitude at the moment is "why fight it???".

thinking of you xxx kim

Jejune said...

Wow, that is SOME STASH. I'm in awe of your socky stashy skills!!

Glad to hear how the accountant is going ... lotsa hugs, and I hope you can get some sleep.

Amy Lane said...

Oh gods... I... I... I covet that magnificent rainbow of sockyarn... and I'm also feeling guilt pangs of my own full disclosure. I don't know... I'd have to clean the house first, and that's always a dodgy proposition!

Excellent job on the smaller jeans--that is, indeed, a prodigious feat.