Wednesday, December 10, 2008

You may be experiencing some breaks in transmission....

I can’t believe how slack I am (or perhaps it is how busy I’ve been). So here is a pretty FO – Mr Greenjeans in Blue Moon Fiber Arts Twisted (colour – Space Dust)

Utterly love it. The button isn’t quite perfect, but will do until a better one comes along.

It has been worn quite a lot, because it is still cold around here. I don’t think we’ve made it to 20 degrees C yet. Cherries aren’t ripening (there is a rumour there may not be cherries for Christmas – criminal), and neither are raspberries. I’m still wearing socks and haven’t put sandals on yet. We’ve barely seen the sun, and did our entire average November rainfall in about 3 days at the end of the month. Ptui!

However, this has meant that knitting is still a joy. Knitting WIPs – first, a second gathered pullover (acres of stocking stitch – wonderful for drag-along-with-us mindless knitting) in scarlet Allegro from Bendigo. Nice, if a little splitty.

I am making the Princess a Dougal toy (from `The Magic Roundabout). This is a stealth project for the hours after kidlets are in bed. It is also in acrylic, (Magnum 8ply) so it gets a few rows every night – I am almost finished the body.

The December socks from the Rockin’ Sock Club – the final shipment. It is utterly gorgeous yarn (Socks that Rock Mediumweight) and the Holidazed pattern is easy and fun – this means I have knitted the first shipment (Serendipity – now finished at last) and the last – I must have a go at a couple from the middle!

I seem to have slaked my cardi lust, just for the moment. Nothing has happened on the Shetland triangle for ages, because I have rediscovered the unutterable joy of socks, and plan to knit lots of lacey ones – and even a pair for the accountant (Hallo, Opal 6ply).

The Accountant continues with the daily 200km round trips. This is getting old really fast, but apart from a doozey of a cold, he seems tired, but OK. Again, thanks for the good wishes.

In much more exciting news, we received a wonderful parcel yesterday from the remarkable Elizabeth of the Postcard Project. I saw a link to this on Jejune’s blog, followed it and read about this incredible person and her wonderful postcards. Apparently we have postcards coming too, but the parcel beat them!

Please, visit her blog and read about this amazing project.

Some of you seem rather surprised by the downstairs sock stash. Rosered, it is downstairs, because that is where I mainly knit – and spend most of my time – this allows me to play with, fondle and generally appreciate the sock yarn. I think of it more as a retirement fund (one which has not lost its value in the current economic upset). It probably won’t get large amounts added anytime soon (except possibly from Bendi) due to the fact that the AUD is so awful at present (Why? Why is this? Why is the US worse off than we are and yet our money is worth less? I don’t understand – and that is probably why I am not an economist.).

A little bit of Malabrigo snuck into the house, as did a teeny bit of Cascade. This is only because I know prices will have to go up soon because of the exchange rate. This is financial prudence and has nothing to do with the fact that I am a yarn pig. So there.

I am feeling vaguely virtuous, because I posted my interstate and overseas parcels. The feeling wears off when I remember that I have not yet done the Christmas cards at all.

I have callously importuned the wonderful 2Paw and her recipes will be appearing in our paper next week. In between, small amounts of cooking and even smaller amounts of house work are being done.

I will try very hard to Blog again soon. The Lovely Knightly Knitter and her family are coming to visit for the weekend, so hopefully I will have pictures and fun stuff! Thanks again for your good wishes, enjoy the weekend!


Bells said...

It looks fabulous Ceri! Gorgeous work. It's on my list.

Glad to hear the Accountant is travelling (pardon the pun) well. I hope it's all manageable over Christmas.

Damn that cold. No cherries or berries? Criminal indeed.

Rose Red said...

Well hello you in your cardi! Looks great!

Sounds like you've got some good stuff happening in amongst the less good stuff, so hope it evens everything out, so to speak.

I went to the post office today too - 10 packages are now winging their way around the world (or Australia). But apart from that, no Christmas cards either...plenty of time, I say!

2paw said...

Wow, your cardi is gorgeous and the colour does look like I imagine space dust would!!

MrsDrWho said I will just have to live without cherries!! I am making Nigella's Cherry trifle for her family, so I simply will HAVE to have some!!

Glad The Accountant is not experiencing horrid side effects!!

Oh Dougall. I loved TMR as a child. Boing!!Oh and the Giant Dougall in The Goodies!!

You and Kate have a wonderful time at the weekend!!

MadMad said...

Oh, it's good to hear from you again! I missed you! I love the sweater - it looks fab! I will come back to finish reading and click on the links (you've been so busy!) after I get the kiddos off to school...

amy said...

I think you can have a pass on the Christmas cards this year. I can't believe how much you are accomplishing!

Donna Lee said...

I have received two postcards from Elizabeth. One she sent to my workplace and it was a wonderful surprise.

The sweater looks great. Cherries for Christmas? What a treat. We have cranberries, not the same thing at all. I did buy some dried cherries but I love love love cherries.

Alwen said...

It's rough when it's too cold out for the bees. We had beautiful wild strawberries this summer, but last year hardly a one because it was turned so cold while they were blooming.

Geek Knitter said...

Why have I not cast on for a cardigan yet? It's so wonderful to hear from you, and good to hear that the Accountant is doing well despite the travel.

Keeping you all in my heart.

amanda j said...

Lovely cardi with gorgeous colours. I wore sandals today! My feet are in shock.

As for yarn purchases, just think of the future money you are saving!

{{{positive vibes}}}

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

I know what you mean. We are quickly coming to the end of local retailers selling books in CND funds at the US price. So not even buying from Knit Picks looks as attractive as it once did.

I wonder what Bendi charges for shipping?????

kms said...

glad you are getting plenty of knitting done at least, good for the soul. im no economist either but i saw cherries this morning for $20kg... i dont think so!

Amy Lane said...

Lovely cardi, Tink! Nice work! I know what it's like to work on a stealth toy after bedtime--you enjoy that... and that sock stash did not look untoward to me. NOt even a little tiny bit!