Monday, October 29, 2007

You put this bit in, you take this box out....

Hurrah for declutteration!!

I am feeling like a de-cluttering powerhouse today!!! Hurrah for our school fair and its white elephant stall - I am supplying white, blue yellow and polka dot elephants at present!


Well - the ins are always with us!

The Shoes (see yesterday's post)
A top for me
4 balls of Anchor Magic line cotton I forgot to fess up to last week!
10 balls babysilk cashmere (Prestige yarns sale)
400gr Bendi mango Cotton
600gr Bendi Rustic green
Some Spidey yarn
3 sewing patterns from Taph


Portacot - sold
Baby backpack - sold
Pram - sold
4 bags childrens clothes - sold on ebay
1 bag clothes - Lifeline
6 boxes crockery and glassware (around 150 items)- donation
1 large moving box kitchen gear (around 80 items or more) - donation
1 large box books - donation
12 lipsticks - old and colour strange and dried out - binned
4 chipped plates - binned
1 vase - broken - I wasn't going to fix it - despite past protestations - binned

I'm not even going to count them up, because this week the 'OUTS' are certainly out weighing the 'INS'

I'm feeling better already!

I'm so pleased that Taph put me onto this challenge. Its a wonderful thing and I feel better with every box and bag that leaves the house. I'm also much more conscious of what's coming in to the house, and tend to check with myself whether we really need something - or I just want it!

On that note, I'll point out that Bendigo Woollen Mills is having a sale until December!! Also, that Meaghan at Yarns Online is having a book sale. The Prestige Yarns sale continues.

You have been warned!


Rose Red said...

You are a bad bad enabler!! But a very good getter-ridder of stuff - well done!

Taphophile said...

Total dynamo - well done. It gets you a little high after a while, doesn't it? I had a flurry of activity last Sunday night and can now see patches of the floor!

Family Adventure said...

Wow, I am impressed. Once back in Canada, I really should consider doing this, too.

Good for you!

Heidi :)

2paw said...

It's all about the Clutter Hokey-Pokey at your house!!! Yes, the Bendigo sale, and I ahve ordered a couple of books from The Amazon as well. Very bad!!!

MadMad said...

"...I forgot to fess up to..." HA HA! Best line of the day! Good for you on the clean up, though! (You don't have to take it back if it doesn't sell, do you?)