Monday, October 15, 2007

In and Out and In-Between

I am nerdier than 62% of all people. Are you a nerd? Click here to find out!

Well, the de-cluttering fairy has certainly been giving MY place a miss this week!

(Just been to the op-shop)

Lovely lined straw tote with bamboo handles
Stone coloured linen skirt
Overnight bag for Princess
Gorgeous fine wool purple Country Road jumper (going straight out again – gift for stepmother)
2 balls of gorgeous sock yarn – not from op – shop – from ebay
Turkish drop spindle
Addi turbo needle
6 bamboo buttons for Juno


2 balls sock yarn – sold on ebay
10 items children’s clothing - sold on eBay
The appalling cone winder of doom – sold on ebay
1 box assorted stuff – school fete white elephant stall
1 bag clothes etc – Lifeline (I buy so much from them, it’s only fair I replace it sometimes!)
Gorgeous purple jumper see above (gift)

In – 9 items (counting buttons as 1)
Out -16 items
Just made the 7 things this week – will have to do better for next week!

Now, speaking of obsession – I forgot to mention some incredibly telling signs of obsessions (yes, yes, they do all apply to me, and, I’m extremely glad to say, to most of you too. In fact, it’s very telling that most of you didn’t turn a hair when reading the list, which only goes to show that we may have a teeny, weeny problem here, Houston).

You may have an obsession if:

- you visit the Jansz winery, which specialises in champagne style saparkling wines (take THAT, appellation controllee). You try the yummy wines. You buy some yummy wines. You buy a bottle of the expensive vintage sparkling champagne-y wine (hah!! Appellation Controlleee). Your very first thought is’ Look at the great packaging for that bottle – my knitting needles will fit in that lidded tube beautifully!’

- you are still trying to work out a method of knitting while asleep

- you are evangelical in your pursuit of non-knitters

- many of your non-knitting friends have begun to get a glazed, yet hunted, look in their eyes when you speak to them of knitting. Nevertheless, you are sure that if you could only explain the excitement to them properly they would take up your standing offer of lessons and learn to knit.

- you drink the vintage champagne-y sparkling wine and, guess what – the needles fit in the tube brilliantly.

One of our Canadian friends didn’t understand the Catweazle reference in my post from a few days ago. Catweazle (for the un-initiated, and those below a certain age (pah)), was a BBC children’s series from the 1970s, starring Geoffrey Bayldon, about an inept Medieval magician and alchemist who is transported to the 20th century, and his adventures in the 1970s. He tended to fizz and pop when confronted with modern technology, become addicted to bananas and adored ‘Electrickery!’ People of a certain age (yes, yes, alright, ME!) still giggle and use that term.

Mind you, I STILL think faxes are magic – you put a drawing in one end, and out it comes in Hong Kong or Murmansk (or both if you have my fax!). Remarkable invention, and much spiffier than teletypes.

Technology and I are old foes despite my nerd rating– my computer keyboard, for example, has swapped the AT and the “. I have to think every time I type in my email address and go for the quotation mark key, and not the ‘at’ key. In time, this will become habitual, and whenever I use a properly working keyboard, I will get them mixed up and have problems with everyone’s email address.

On a more selfish note, ignore everything Donyale said about sales at a certain yarn shop. I’m sure they’re not really having one. Stay away. You won’t like the yarn. Truly. Bound to be awful. Itchy. Splitty. Really. Please don’t buy all the things I want before I can get there!


Donna Lee said...

I am reluctant to tell my coworkers about the Yarn Harlot coming to our area on Friday because they already think I am slightly (!) obsessed with my knitting. They all look bemused when I show off my socks and remind me how they "look like you bought them in a store".

Bells said...

Ah I love thee.

Jejune said...

Heh, it's all terribly terribly familiar...

You won't believe this, but a Kitchen Fairy came to my place this morning! Unpacked the dishwasher and washed some pans, all magic-like! (Shhhh, it was Dotter's boyfriend - she can keep him ;)

I rated 84 on the nerd test, oops. Comes of having a scientist dad and husband, most likely!

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

I'm actually afraid to take the nerd test. I don't want to see my nerdy is that???

My bunny breeder already knows how to knit...she want me to teach her how to cool is that :)

Raven said...

How did you know that my friends "have begun to get a glazed, yet hunted, look in their eyes when you speak to them of knitting"? Have they been talking to you?

Raven said...

I forgot to mention, I base my whisky purchases as much on the tube as for the type of whisky. Those tubes are just right for knitting needles.

Amy Lane said...

Catweazle--lovely name!!! (I actually call people I don't like and cats who crap on the carpet, crapweasels...)

I'm so jealous...I'm all 'in' and no 'out'...everything just sort of piles in m way... (we had Underdog...)

MadMad said...

I was embarrassingly not nerdy. So I guess I'm just stupid. Oh well. Could be worse. Oh - it is: not nerdy, but not hip either, it said. Yeah. Nice. Now I'll just go look at my rear in a mirror, too. That should wrap up the feeling nice portion of the evening for me... :)