Sunday, May 24, 2009

It's all about the knitting, folks!

Despite my best resolution, life (and knitting) intervened.

I did think about popping in a post last week which said `Can't blog - knitting.', but decided I needed to knit more than I needed to blog. Here is the result of my labour:


The Placed Cable Aran, from Interweave knits, in 10 ply Luxury from Bendigo Woollen Mills, in the Leaf colourway. This should also qualify me for Lynne's Textured KAL.

This absolutely flew off the needles, and set a new record by being finished in 11 days. I can't believe I actually knitted a jumper in 11 days, but here's the proof. Cast on May 13, cast off May 24. The only mods I made were too make it slightly longer (could have been even longer) and to convert the sleeves, so I picked up stitches and knitted them from the top down to eliminate seaming - Oh and I knitted the body in the round to the armholes, so the only seams are at the shoulders. Took 3.25 balls of Bendi, so a bit over 1000m.

I am thrilled with it, love the pattern, the yarn, the colour and the finished product.

I also thought, although it isn't the end of the month, I'd get stash honesty out of the way. We're off on holiday on Wednesday and I don't anticipate any arrivals of squooshy parcels between now and then, so we might as well do it now.

8 balls of Tango and 5 balls of Superior (both of which I blame Rosered for): 525gr
5 balls of Bendi Luxury (see above FO): 1 kg
6 skeins of River: 600gr
2 skeins of BFL 2/8: 500gr

Total In: 2.625kg

650gr Luxury (placed cable)
600gr Allegro (gathered sweater)
100gr socks
150gr Jet (Princess's jacket from Zeph)

Total knitted:
1.5 kg

In other words, almost twice as much has come in as was knitted - despite a knitting frenzy. Sigh.

June should be better, mainly because I won't be in a position to buy any yarn, so although some sock club yarn (ahem) may arrive in my post office box, I should also be able to be about square, knitting wise.

In other news, the birdie appears to have settled in with the resident population of Little Wattle Birds, the schools holidays are much too long (this is the first day - they are tooooooo long!) and life rolls along.

We are still warm and although somewhat damp here, have been spared the utter downpours of Queensland and Northern NSW. However, with our usual perfect timing, we are about to holiday in the epicentre of this weeks floods. What fun!

If I don't get back here before we leave, have a love fortnight or so, and I'll see you in mid June!


Rose Red said...

Oh well done on knitting that so quickly!! I need to follow your lead!

Hope you have a lovely lovely not too wet holiday!!

Michelle said...

So quick! What a superstar you are!

Have a wonderful holiday, and keep warm and dry.

Donna Lee said...

11 days! Did you eat? Sleep? I'm amazed and it's beautiful. I loved school holidays because it meant that the schedule was loose for a while.

Have a good vacation!

Alwen said...

Wow, you are fast! I was hoping that Little Wattle bird hadn't carried you away!

Amy Lane said...

That is a smashing jumper, sweetheart... and I always find my 'reward for finishing a project' yarn is ALWAYS more than the yarn the project took... doesn't everybody do that?

dr k said...

hmmm looxury. must get me some of that. i cant believe you did all that stocking stitch in such a short time either, and it looks fantastic! have a great break xx

MadMad said...

Well done! It looks great! And I can't believe how fast! Have a great trip!

Lynne said...

A jumper in eleven days - I'm struggling to get the Aran sweater knitted in five weeks!!

Well done you!

Have a great time away.

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

Have a wonderful holiday, may it be relaxing, enjoyable, recharging and filled with knitting.