Saturday, May 9, 2009

Is it May yet?

Oh dear.

Over a week since I blogged, and such a lot has happened.

First (and most importantly) a visit from the lovely Rosered! She escorted her mother to Tasmania, but slipped the leash for a couple of days and came to visit. So lovely to finally have a face to put with the shoes!

We knitted and drank coffee and champagne and ate some nice things - and she brought me a lovely darning mushroom! It was a lovely visit. I dragged her along to circus school, and pointed her towards the LYS and the nice shoe shop - and strangely, she came back with yarn and shoes, having found a hitherto unmined source of Grinasco Tango. And a pair of orange shoes. How unlike her!

This of course, meant I also had to do a quick dash to the LYS too, and grab some of the Tango, and somehow 5 balls of Superior (70 cashmere, 30 silk laceweight) slipped into the bag with the Tango. It probably wanted company.

It was a wonderful visit, and so lovely to meet her. I hope she comes back to visit again soon!

Friday was Agfest day. In keeping with tradition (well we did it last year and twice in a row must make it a tradition) a girlfriend and I consigned our respective children to the tender care of their fathers and did a dash to the delights of Agfest.

An utterly wonderful day, so sunny and hot we were out and about in t-shirts (the last gasp of the Indian Summer). There was a lot more fleecy and fibre-y stuff than last year - mainly alpaca, but a wool shop from Moonah (who also sell Ashford gear and knitpicks needles) had a stall. Overall I was very good and only bought 1 ball of alpaca - hand dyed, 2 little bags of tops and one ball of silk garden sock. Some plants, bulbs, soap and lovely hand cream etc came home with me though.

Which brings me to stash honesty. These purchases, having been made in May, do not count in April's total (heaves sigh of relief).

In: 800 grams

Knitted: (wait for it!) 100 gr - Black Rose socks
700gr - raglan cardi
100 gr - fish hat
100gr - Lighthouse gansey socks

Total - 1kg knitted - so I finally managed to knit more than came in! At last!

On a much sadder note, thank you so much for all your lovely thoughts on my poor little Hobson. And thank you for sharing your cat stories, too. It is awful to lose a fur friend, and I miss him dreadfully. Thank you.

And a big Happy Mother's Day, and to those who aren't yet, but will be - Happy Day to us all!


Bells said...

i am sure you had the most lovely visit with RoseRed. I can just imagine what it would have been like. Yarn and shoes, surprising! Not.

Ikg of yarn knit in a month! Oh well done! Although I'm told you have about a gazillion kilos in your house!!!

Rose Red said...

Yay you! Excellent knitting month in April! I can only aspire to knit a kilo of yarn in a month!!

And glad you got to Agfest and bought some lovely spoily things for you!

(and that Superior - what a deal!! Fabulous!)

Thank you so much for having me, it was wonderful!

Alwen said...

Those last autumn days in t-shirts are always the best. To feel the sun and know it won't last. (Hey, wait, that would be a Michigan summer!)

MadMad said...

Oh, wow! A visit from Rose Red - how fun to meet! And superior! Yay! (BTW, you are SUCH an enabler, pointing her in the direction of shoes and yarn. You are so, so helpful!) What do you think you'll make with it? Cocoknits has a cool pattern. I started it, but didn't end up having enough faith it would work out... and it's in the bottom of the basket while I think about it a bit...

amy said...

Happy Mother's Day, a bit late from my side of the world!

Amy Lane said...

Rose Red sounds like a most excellent friend--anyone who can participate in the fiber madness is a friend to be savored! (Good for you, confessing your stash pecadillos (sic)--I just stuff mine in a hole and then start opening bags a month later going, "Holy cow! No wonder we're broke!")

Lynne said...

Wow! A blogpal in person!! Fun!!

Agfest sounds interesting.

My Mothers' Day was quiet. I had dinner out on Saturday at a fine Italian restaurant; Sunday morning to myself and lunch with WM, DD and SIL followed by a quiet evening in front of the TV with my knitting. Perfect!!

knitting sprouts said...

A kilo! that is huge

Donna Lee said...

You sent her off to a lys and a shoe store? Unattended? Brave soul.