Sunday, May 17, 2009

Birds, Beasts and Relatives (with apologies to Gerald Durrell)

The strangest thing happened yesterday.

I was in the garden, picking off the last of the apples on the tree, and a bird came up and sat on the branches quite close to me. I chatted to it, as you do, told him he was brave and so on, when he flew on to my shoulder.

Now this didn't quite freak me out - I am an animal person, I can deal with most things, but a wild bird? Landing on my shoulder? Last I knew, I was not Snow White or Cinderella or one of the Disney cartoon princesses who regularly go into forests and have assorted livestock land on their heads.

This guy was a juvenile Little Wattle Bird (about 12 inches or 30cm long), and has a long beak. I would say he was a teenager - a young adult with some of his juvenile plumage still. He landed on my window sill a few days ago and just sat there when I tapped on the window. Now he is landing on my head or shoulder and is more than happy to perch on my finger.

My children are rather amazed. Obviously Mummy has supernatural powers over animals. Here he is, letting me get very close to take his picture. When I rang a friend in the local animal rescue service, her theory was that these birds are quite easy to hand rear, but in the very high winds we have had recently, he may have been blown away from home. He's probably a bit dependant on humans, and wants to be fed.

I wouldn't mind, but now he has taken to stalking me - following me from window to window and trying to sit on me when we are outside. Weird.

If you have lost a Little Wattle Bird, please feel free to contact me.

There has been knitting happening.

Here it the finished Gathered Pullover 2, in Bendi Allegro in Scarlet. I really like the feel of the fabric this makes. It was just a bit splitty to knit with, which I had expected, but is lovely. Great stitch definition. I made the neck higher and the shoulders wider. It took a while because it was the carry along mindless stoicking stitch for ages. Strangely, when I fnally paid some attention to it, it was finished very quickly.

I also finished the 2 parts Zephyrama, 1 part Tink jacket for the Princess. Zeph had sent me the mostly finished child's One Piece Ribby Jacket, in Jet, along with the extra to finish it off, due to the fact she had started it for her daughter and said daughter had grown out of it before it was finished. I think it will fit the Princess for a while. She likes it. The buttons are clear, with pink and black butterflies. She chose them.

Just because you need some proof of knitting, here is Ms Rosered, ensconced in our very messy family room, helping the Princess with her knitting. You might recognise the Pearl Buck Jacket.

Of course, much of this weekend has been taken up with the festival of bad taste and excreable music which is Eurovision. While Norway was both cute and a reasonable song, my favourites were Moldova (great boots and costume, funked up folk song and folk dancing), Portugal (once again, the folk song and costume), the Ukraine (those boots, those Trojans!), Turkey (yay, Dum Tek Tek), Estonia (gorgeous singer and song, Arwen with a fringe), Bosnia Herzegovina (who doesn't love some nice performance art?) and Armenia (great costumes).

Greece was rather up himself, the Azerbaijan entry was tediously ordinary, Iceland sounded like Celine Dion and most of the others were forgettable. The hosts were hysterical. While Barbie was cute, her co-host was a sleaze who kept peering down her dress and squeezing her. I kept thinking of the Fast Forward comedy duo, doing the Russian TV presenters "Viktor, you are very unattractive man''. If you missed out, you can watch it here.

I will try to be a better blogger, at least until we go on holiday. The stretch of glorious late autumn weather continues, with cold nights and lovely days - but winter is breathing down our necks, rather like the Russian Eurovision host.


Rose Red said...

so many things to comment on!! Your Gathered Yoke looks great, as does ribby cardi on the princess! Nice to have a garment that will fit for a season or two!

(Nice pic! Will have to write down the pirate method of knitting so I don't forget!!)

Oh, and the bird! No doubt Disney will be bringing out a new character, Tinkingbell, the knitting, birdloving fairy, very soon!

(hmm, word verification is "snerb". Perhaps that should be the bird's name!!)

Bells said...

what an adorable bird story! He obviously loves you.

And your Gathered Yoke - oh my. That colours! It's fabulous. I love it!

So cool to see RoseREd there working away and wearing Pearl Buck. Lovely post!

amy said...

Oh, too funny. You have a bird stalker. It's supposedly good luck if a bird poops on you, you know. Just saying.

Michelle said...

Cute bird! He thinks you're his mama! Or else he's a stalker, like Amy says ;-)

The cardi's both of them, are beautiful! I am in awe of your talents.

2paw said...

Oh, you are a Bird Whisperer. Hope the little bird is OK in the big world.
Love the Gathered Pullover, it looks fabulous and so does The Princess's jacket.
Oh yes, Wictor you are a very unattractive man!!!

MadMad said...

Oh, my goodness, I could fill a page with comments! The bird thing alone was really something - I actually thought you were kidding when you first said he landed on your shoulder. (I would have screamed.) (Also? I got a huge giggle out of the "I was chatting with it, as you do...")

The sweater(s) are great - love the gathered's color, too! And it fits perfect

And the photo of RoseRed and the Princess knitting is too cute for words.

OK. I think I covered it all...

Taphophile said...

Why do I keep seeing Tippi Hedren? Nah, he's a sweet little birdie who just likes being with you. ;)

Alwen said...

Fascinating about the bird. The closest I've come was getting a chickadee to land on my hand when I rested it on the birdfeeder!

dr k said...

well i just laughed out loud in my office at the Viktor memory! thanks for the giggle (and all the hugs lately. back at ya!) totally love the scarlet knitting, in all forms, and i think i want a wattle bird, hes adorable. of course you have supernatural powers. you have a turret after all....

Lynne said...

Wow! A bird actually landing on your shoulder - I would have been a bit freaked out by that!

I hadn't taken any notice of the Eurovision Song Contest, but you make it sound like fun!

Melinda said...

I like the wattle bird story!
The gathered yoke jumper is beaut.

Nora said...

You're a princess - clearly. :)

And how nice to see J in your living room. She's lovely isn't she?


Donna Lee said...

The gathered yoke looks great in that color. I have wanted to make one for a while. Once I finish the sweater I'm working on, maybe I'll start one for me. (I don't knit much for myself much)

Amy Lane said...

Okay--that is an awesome superpower--but you're right. The stalking wattle bird might freak me out! But on the other hand, the FO's are rocking! Honey, you have the BEST taste in jumpers, and that jacket looks lovely on your little girl!