Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas is coming....

I receive two parcels yesterday.

Guess who this one was from? There is a clue - look at the card!

The lovely Rosered sent me some beautiful Malabrigo sock yarn - in the truly gorgeous Velvet grapes colour way, and the lovely card and the photo of their new house - they look so happy!

The second was from KateJ - my secret Santa person from the Tasmanian knitters group on Ravelry. Coffee, chocolate (Stuff the turkey, eat chocolate), gorgeous stitch markers, a mini sock (for my christmas tree) and the most gorgeous yellow button necklace! Thank you so much Kate!! It's is beautiful, very well stalked and much appreciated!

In other news, the Knightly Knitter and her family were a true joy, as always - bless the kniternet for my great bloggy friends!
Knitting continues, but not enough of it. The Accountant is OK but a bit tired and grumpy with the treatment and travelling, We had the gorgeousness of the prep class Christmas concert and Nativity Play last night - they looked beautiful, I forgot the camera (d'oh) and all these loud children were as quiet as mice. Lovely.

Will blog again soon - and just in case I still haven't thanked you enough for the hug - thank you! (it's still a bit on the cool side down here - and the hug is coming in very handy!)


2paw said...

Whta, no picture of you, ghost-like, under your hugrug??!!
School concerts etc make me cry!! They are so gorgeous!!!
It is LOVELY and cool!!

Donna Lee said...

That's the one thing I miss about having grown children; no holiday concerts/plays. They were sometimes painful to listen to but always ultimately enjoyable. I often left the camera home because sometimes it's enough to enjoy the show and not document it.

MadMad said...

Oh, great packages! I love school concerts, too, but I also cry - I get so nervous for them!

kms said...

so glad you are getting nice pressies, and lots of use from the hug!

Amy Lane said...

Lovely gifts--and I have to say, I miss having my kids in Christmas programs... I loved Chicken's pre-school year when we crowded into a packed church to see her be a cheap.

Rose Red said...

You deserve lots of good things, lovey, glad you are being spoiled!!