Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Whoops! I seem to have lost a fortnight!

I am a domestic Goddess! (Stop laughing down the back!)

I am making lamb foot-long pizza from this month's Delicious magazine. I don't like the confit idea too much, so I have made a double lot of onion marmalade from a recipe in the Women's Weekly Healthy Heart Cookbook (if you've got it kicking around it lives with a crusted lamb recipe!). This has meant I have been in floods of tears while onions were sliced because I am the world's worst onion slicer and cry for hours.

Many years ago, the Accountant used to wear contact lenses, and had no problem with onions. We used to eat a lot of French onion soup in those days, and this onion marmalade was a staple for things like barbeques and cold meat. Then he had laser surgery on his eyes, threw away the contact lenses and now is almost as bad as me in the onion department!

It's the first really lovely warm springlike day we've had today. The washing line is full and being breezed and sunned upon, things have been tidied up and stash has been enhanced. (Drat)

Rosered has been recording all her yarn ins and outs. I am too scared to do that. There has been some enhancement going on to what some people may refer to as my stash. After a recent large order, and the fact that I also did a Bendigo order while the Allegro was still on sale and then this morning found out the aran and cotton had been reduced (even though the colours are less than inspiring) I was forced to order some nut brown. Just in case.

I have not yet photographed my gorgeous sunshine yellow Flair, although I have worn her several tiimes. The Wicked I frogged has morphed into a February Lady Sweater, and I think I will like her much more that way. I have managed to knit 10 garments so far this year (when the FLS is finished) which I am quite proud of, although my sock knitting has suffered. So for Southern Summer of Socks I will be finishing WIPS and pushing over new boundaries (toe-up and 2 at a time). That's the plan.

I also intend to join Bells and knit a Shetland Triangle in Wollmeise (Indisch Rot, I think), and there is a KAL of the knit for yourself variety, so I may do 'Hey Teach' or Sprout for that.

Work is great, but time consuming, and I will be handing back Amy's manuscript, edited, over the weekend. (another reason why not a lot of blogging has happened - I have been deep in the world of Bitter Moon2 and thoroughly enjoying it!)

Have a lovely week - I'll try and get photos ready for next blog post!



Michelle said...

I think you should stop being scared of your stash, and show it off, out and loud and proud!

I want to see you ins! Go on - do it, do it! *slow claps*

Rose Red said...

*joins Michelle in the slow claps* show your ins! show your ins!

(I do have to say though, 10 garments in one year is pretty darn good. Wish I could say the same!)

2paw said...

Oh, there is no green Aran. Boo hoo. (Like I need any more wool!!)

Oh, there are some very nice recipes this month. I'm a crier too. I use more red onions, they seem to be less tear inducing. I made brown onion gravy the other day, it was worth all the tears!!

I think 10 finished garments is wonderful. I think I have yet to finish ONE!!!!!!

MadMad said...

Someone once recommended swim goggles to me for those onion cutting marathons - I have to say I wish I knew who, because I've been forever grateful!

Donna Lee said...

A crier here,too. I keep the onions in the fridge and that seems to help somewhat. You're not supposed to cut off the root end and that's supposed to make it better. I've never been able to remember that as I cut the onions.

Alwen said...

I love sun-dried laundry.

My stash is not that large, but I just got (most of) it hung up in bags on a line of hooks, and I'm a little intimidated by all those bags!

Kate_knits_a_bit said...

TEN FOs???? I need a little lie down - I've got FO envy!!! (Maybe I should visit the Bendy cotton page to help me recover???)
And caramelised red onion is pretty good with lamb, too....

Bells said...

What Michelle and RoseRed said! (Clearly I'm not with it enough today to come up with my own original comment!)

Jejune said...

Oooooooh yum, love the sound of that lamb pizza!

I'm like you with the onions - I'm mostly grateful that my son absolutely refuses to eat anything with a shred of onion in it, although sometimes I do miss them.

GO ON, show us your stash!!

kms said...

im slow clapping too. i agree, i think you make so much useful stuff you should be ashamed of your george.

kms said...

i meant should NOT be ashamed of course. sheesh.

Amy Lane said...

I need to come clean with my fiber-addicted sisters some day, and show pictures of my good yarn stash, so you all know you are not alone.

and btw? I am SOOOOOOOO grateful for your work on B-Moon II--I realize my waffling probably drove you nuts, but your input totally helped... thank you!!!

Georgie said...

Made that pizza - it was yummo! Im a dreadful onion-crier too and am yet to find a workable solution. Might just try the swimming goggles!

Oh, and - show us the ins!!

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

I used to have problems with cutting onions myself then I discovered a secret. I get DH to do it. I don't get all teary eyed and the kids have fun watching daddy cry.

In all honesty, he really dosen't mind this domestic chore at all as he gets to eat what ever I'm making with the onions.