Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I Have Been Knitting but Life has Intervened

Knitting and life have both been happening - usually simultaneously! Often with an extra serving of chaos and disorganisation. This has been ably assisted by children. Work has also been putting its oar in and so although life has happened, blogging hasn't.
Here are some FOs - the gorgeous yellow Flair which I adore

and the even more beautiful green February Lady Sweater
Sorry about the photo quality - but at least there ARE photos. I have started a Liesl in cotton fleece.
Work is busy - life goes on.
More later.


Lynne said...

Life has a habit of doing that!

Good looking knitting!

Bells said...

oh good work Ceri. Very good work. A yellow flair is a thing of beautiful. And FLS - well, green is just perfect.

Rose Red said...

a veritable cavalcade of knitting goodness (sorry, am feeling the need to use big words right now!)

2paw said...

Oh such garmentage!!!! Flair is beautiful, but The FLS in gorgeous green is my favourite. I am glad you are all well and Spring has put a spring in all your steps!!!

melissa said...

really nice jumpers ...the yellow one is eye catching ...but the green feb ' lady has my eye
............ cant even contemplate needing a jumper at the moment !!!!!!

Amy Lane said...

oooooohhh... how gorgeous! Glorious knitting! how wonderful!!!!

MadMad said...

The February Lady Sweater had a HUGE showing at Rhinebeck. They were EVERYWHERE, in EVERY color. If you wanted to be cool, you were in need of one.

I did not have one.