Wednesday, May 7, 2008

That was the week (or so) that was...

Yet another week or so has zipped past! I’m sure someone is stealing my days and weeks – I can’t believe the year is nearly half over – and I’m sure I have no memory of February whatsoever – other than the Princess starting big school – but that was only one day – so someone has, yet again, made off with the rest of the month (and bits of April, and May as well)!

So the last week as a quick whip through, in the order in which I remember it!!

I have no idea what happened from Monday to Thursday. Use your imagination, make it as exciting as you like and then let me know – I’ll take it. I have the feeling that really I did Mum stuff – washing, tidying, cooking etc. Your ideas are bound to be better – I’d like to have jetted to the Bahamas for a secret meeting with Alan Rickman and Johnny Depp, whilst eating Beluga Caviar and drinking Tattinger, but realise this is unlikely to have happened. I think it was more probably the laundry.

On Friday we went to the opening of a friends microbrewery, Seven Sheds. He makes ale with his own hops, local malt and water, and sparkling mead (MMMMM!) with local honey. That was fun, even if I missed afternoon tea because I had to collect the Princess from school. As you can imagine, the event was groaning with local, state and federal politicians – if they’ll come to the opening of an envelope, how much more likely are they to attend an event with free beer?

The brewery is wonderful, the mead and ale fabulous and if you’re near Railton, Tasmania, you must drop in (beware though – both are extremely strong!).

Saturday was a girls day out to Agfest. A friend of mine and I callously abandoned our children to spend the day drifting about Tasmania’s premier agricultural showcase. We had great fun – we stopped and talked to people, only visited the stalls we wanted to see, had our hands done at demonstrations, our boots polished collected free stuff to make enormous show bags for our kids and husbands, ate exotic tempura mushrooms and drank homemade ginger beer, bought yarn, fibre, chocolate, soap and girl stuff. We patted alpacas, calves and goats, grabbed free fibre samples and bought fibre, rovings and tops (and yarn) from the alpaca tent, talked to llamas and men with fencing stuff and generally had a wonderful day. We got there at 8am and left at 4pm – we had about 10 free calico and coloured shopping bags, lots of handouts, heaps of stuff for the kids and sore feet – best day I’ve had in ages!

Sunday brought the in-laws over for lunch, which the kids loved and Monday was our 7th wedding anniversary. The Accountant and I went out to lunch at Anvers. This a the local chocolate factory and cafe - the food is fabulous, nearly all local and lots of it contains chocolate (including the home made beef, mushroom and stout pie - with chocolate and chili!).

The rest of this week has been mum stuff – especially today, which was the special Mothers’ Day assembly and morning tea at the Princess’s school – lovely singing and poems by the kids and the most beautiful picture of me by my daughter (I apparently have blue and green hair, triangular dresses and a big smile). – All in all and bit happy tearful at the loveliness of it all.

So now you’re up to date – knitting continues. Here, especially for Ms Madmad is the Slouch Rib Cardi

Admire the damn buttons please – they cost nearly as much as the yarn!

Tahoe is growing – second front is cast on tonight – I am deeply in love with the gorgeousness of Zara and want to wear it all the time – except when I am wearing Malabrigo, of which some snuck into my stash in the last few days. Mmmm Malabrigo!

Ciao! Promise to be a better blogger in future!


Taphophile said...

What a lovely time you have been having - fibrey and free stuff followed by chocolate meals. Divine. My favourite portrait from my godson had me with lovely long dark hair, a thin body (sweet boy) and purple hairy eyeballs made from lots of glued on thin strips of crepe paper.

Catherine said...

Beautiful buttons! Beautiful yarns!

Amy Lane said...

Ah... grown-ups, no children, and malabrigo...mmm...malabrigo...I'm totally jealous. (And the first part of the week? That there describes my entire summer vacation. I loves it.)

amanda j said...

That all sounds very lovely. We will have to add that brewery to our own list of things to do. You certainly live in a lovely part of the state which seems to be getting better and better all of the time.

zephyrama said...

mmmmmmmmmmm malabrigo. mmmmm mede. mmmmmmmmmmmm chocolate. mmmmmmmm girls' escaping.
You are a busy gal and who needs Johnny Depp when your life is so full!?

Kate_knits_a_bit said...

At last, the No-Slouch cardi is revealed!! Yippee!!! (your turn to visit and model, m'dear!)
my life is like yours at the mo, although our particular brand of germs are more cough/sneeze than temp/spots (knock on wood, cross toes)
I'm sure your darlings will conspire to give you a lovely Sunday - enjoy your weekend!

MadMad said...

Oh, it looks awesome! And the buttons are perfect for it!

I wish I was at a brewery opening right about now... though I suppose it's still breakfast time here, so better not...

Alwen said...

My week has flown past, too! (Who turned up the time-speed dial!)

Mmmm, mead. And getting to go to a fiber-y event sans children, double mmm.

Bells said...

Loving those malabrigo colours - I could happily order so much of it!

And if you ever run off with Alan Rickman, I want an invite. Promise, ok!

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

Everytime you write a post like that my urge to visit you grows by leaps and bounds. Chocolate meals and Malabrigo....there is a heaven on earth.

2paw said...

I heard Roger and Sue saying very nice things about Seven Sheds on their Fine Food segment on the ABC radio yesterday!! Sounds like great fun!!
I too wonder where the year has gobnne. I lost October and November last year!!
Happy Anver-iversary. Such a nice place to go, even if I can't have chocolate there are still lovely things to eat in pretty surroundings. I love sitting outside!!The assembly sounds wonderful, trust you had a happy Mothers' Day yesterday!!!
Oh The Slochy Rib is excellent and Mmmmalabrigo. I think buttons are the hardest thing to source here.

Nora said...

Gorgeous, GORGEOUS Malabrigo!