Thursday, April 3, 2008

S.E.X. in Wang; Or, the Chilling Conclusion!

OK, we’re about to leave Canberra. Did you know, you can hide.. sorry… carry 2 packs of Zara and 10 balls of sock yarn in the front zip pocket of a medium sized case? Just in case you ever need to know (Yes, Georgie, I’m looking at you!)

We hit the road and by dint of stopping at a certain American fast food place and the judicious application of lollypops we survived the drive to Rutherglen – where we stayed at a wonderful unit complex in Corowa.

It was substantially cooler, so we immediately purchased some wine (in fact we stopped at 2 wineries on the way) and scouted takeaway food options. Settled in, got tired kids asleep, and I plotted.

Thursday was winery day, including lunch at a wonderful place called The Pickled Sisters Café (which just happens to be smack next door to a very nice winery – gosh!) and then we visited a couple more – and the children fed turtles at Pfeiffers winery.

Friday was my day – I have been in training for this one for a while! I organised lunch at Brown Brothers at Milawa, a quick trip to the Milawa cheese factory, and planned a route which led past Australian Country Spinners at Wangaratta!! They sell wool there for a bit over $27/kilo!!! And some is cheaper! (and some a bit more expensive!)

I planned our stop there for pre-lunch – because I am not totally insane! I have a very real appreciation of what happens when I have a few glasses of wine and am let loose in the vicinity or yarn!

I had a lovely time (if the place hadn’t been nearly full, especially of lovely grandmotherly ladies, I would have rolled in it all!) I bought lots and lots of Jet and Country Silk, Shadow Tweed and Country Prints, and Patonyle, Patonyle, Patonyle!! Including a 600gr monster cone (Patomonster) of printed Patonyle (heelllloooo, Baby Surprise Jacket!). And some Velvet Deluxe. It almost didn’t fit in the car, but when I suggested we just tag the kids and freight them home so there was more room in the car for wine and wool, the Accountant wasn’t impressed!

The Princess offered to sit on the wool, and Destructoboy is only short, so there’s lots of room under his feet. Besides, packs of yarn are flat and squooshy. You can used them to pad wine bottles.

So after spending most of the day drifting around Rutherglen, we tootled Melbourne-ward and back onto the ferry for the trip home. I still find myself chuckling over my not-stash (sale wool does not count – nor does gift wool, or wool you’ve almost forgotten buying). I occasionally hug my Patomonster.

And you all know my secret now. That’s right – Yarn magazine issue 9 came out while I was away – and it has my article in it!!!! Woo hoo! (Happy dance, happy dance!)


kms said...

oh my how busy youve been, all that travelling and S.E.X and still time for 3 blog posts in 3 days. sorry i was a bit slow to notice. im so glad you had such a great trip and met all the lovely canberrans and hope you still have a smile on your face from the S.E.X :)

2paw said...

You may not have seen 'That Mitchell And Webb Look' on the ABC, but all I can think of is their game show: Woolwang!!!!
What a ginormous cone of Patonyle and such bargains!!! Such wine!! Yes, I saw your famous writing!!!

Amy Lane said...

Oh SNAP! That's awesome!!! (The article, the stash acquisition AND the follow-up to a FABULOUS getaway:-)

The stash enhancement pictures were actually awe inspiring. I want to go shopping with you!!!

Georgie said...

I am quite breathless. Wang is only 45 minutes from my parents and Ive never been there - Mum has always been "meh, its OK". Im gonna KILL her!!!

I LOVE Pickled Sisters, we try and get there every visit! It sounds like a brilliant trip home - very nice effort indeed!

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...'re my hero. Sounds like it was a GREAT holiday. And you've got the souvenirs to prove it.

Alwen said...

Wow, that IS quite the monster! Do your arms go all the way round?

Donna Lee said...

You're trying to give Georgie a run for her money in the stash acqusition department, aren't you? That's a lot of yarn. Should keep you busy for a while. It sounds lilke you all had a good trip. And Congrats!!!on the article.

Kate_knits_a_bit said...

what a fabulous trip!! What wonderful souvenirs!! Now, the big question is: will it all fit in the cupboard??????

zephyrama said...

What stash, all I see is a nice old chair. There is no thing as stash! Ohhhh wineries. hmmmmmm. Wine and wool, a perfect holiday.

Rose Red said...

My gosh that's a lot of the patomonster!!!

I knew there was something I was forgetting to say to you - congratulations on your Yarn article!! So cool to see that when I opened it up the other week!! And now I can say: "I have a handmade felted bag made especially for me by a PUBLISHED AUTHOR"!!!

MadMad said...

Now that you're a professional, all that S.E.X. counts as research, doesn't it?

Congrats! And what a great trip!

Melinda said...

Wow!!! I want to go there and buy yarn as well!!
Congrats on the article! I haven't recieved the magazine yet, but I look forward to reading it soon!

Lynne said...

What a lovely yarny holiday! I'm off to Bingara [via Nundle Woollen Mill] next week!

Kuka said...

hmmm that's quite a title you've got there teehee!!
Well shopped! - sorry to have missed you in canberra!

disa said...